2 ~ choco cereal

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"Hi, love. It's day one hundred and thirty seven. You know how I told you on probably day seventy or eighty how Zayn left the band. Well I bumped into him today. T'was the first time seeing him after he left and talked after the fight he had with Louis. He wants to visit you and we will tomorrow. I miss you and I love you, Serene." Harry waved slightly at the camera, a smile on his tired face before he shut the camera. His eyes had bags under them from the lack of sleep, his lips were a chapped pale pink lips, hair messily in a bun. He felt empty. He couldn't cry anymore, people told him to cry and let it all out, but the tears just never came since that day. He was alive, barely breathing. His body was there, his spirit wasn't.

The house was empty without her in it; barely anything in the kitchen for Harry to eat; only her favorite cereal and a carton of milk. That was what Harry ate during the days, weeks, months. Sometimes his sister and mom or the boys would take him to dinner. They would check up on him every other day, sometimes every two hours. No matter how many times the boys and his family told him that he should stay with them, he refused to leave the place where she felt safe. The bed where she slept peacefully and woke up before him, already making breakfast with a faint noise of music in the background to keep her entertained. He couldn't.


Harry woke up, his arm stretched beside him, searching for her. He slowly opened his eyes, squinting them as the sun danced its way to his eyes. He stretched on the bed before sitting up, rubbing his large hands on his face in attempt to wake himself up. He carried himself downstairs where he heard the faint music. A smile was drawn on his lips as he hurried to where he guessed his girlfriend was.
Harry grinned as he saw his girlfriend in plaid red pajama pants, plain white tee, hair messily down reaching her back. Sensing someone was behind her, she looked behind her.

"Harry!" Serene breathed out as she ran to him, wrapping her arms around him and bringing her body closer to his in a hug, a grin on her face.

"Good morning, sunshine." Harry grinned, kissing her head as he wrapped his arms tightly around her.

"Good morning. I made a fruit salad, fresh orange juice and had Cameron get croissant for you when he came by earlier." Serene grinned, looking up at Harry.

Harry shook his head, grinning. "You're incredible. Truly wonderful." He put a hand on her cheek, rubbing his thumb lightly on her cheek.

"It's only because I love you." She smiled, hugging him.

"and I love you. So much, Serene." Harry breathed in joy, bringing her closer.

"I ran out of my choco cereal, Cameron got me one." She giggled, letting go of Harry to eat her cereal on the table.
Cameron was their 16 years old neighbor, he loved the couple so much that he wished to live with them. Whenever he went to a grocery shop or anywhere, he would go to the couple and ask them if they needed anything. They'd give him the money, and get the best of what they wanted.

"You and your choco." Harry chuckled, shaking his head.


"Hey Harry." Cameron smiled as he stood outside the door.

Harry tried to smile, it was a try. "Hey Cam." They both went inside the house, going to kitchen and Cameron sat on a chair, looking at Harry's every move.

"Thank you." Cameron smiled sadly, taking the orange juice that Harry has just poured. "Hey um, my parents are on a business trip. I wanted to go visit Serene but, I don't know the directions and I can't drive alone." Cameron said, slowly playing with his fingers nervously as tears welled up in his eyes. She was just like a sister to Cameron. He'd call her whenever he had a problem. They'd play video games together, trying to entertain themselves whenever Harry wasn't around. He was like one of her young brothers.

"I'm going tonight. You can come with me." Harry said in a low voice before sighing. "You can stay here with me."

"Thanks." Cameron sighed.


"So Harry," the radio host started. "How's Serene?" just another radio interview but only this time, it was only Harry for NOVA FM.

Harry grinned, "She's wonderful, thank you."

"Aww, look at that grin!" the man said, teasingly making Harry laugh and shrug. "We've some questions for you here from the fans," he looked at the iPad.

"Alright," Harry nodded.

"How come you and Serene don't live somewhere luxurious?"

"I actually like it when things aren't luxurious. Serena loves simplicity so, she picked the house. The woman does what a woman wants. I'm fine with whatever makes her happy." Harry answered, a smile on his face.


"Hey," Harry whispered, sitting next to his fiancée who was, as Harry liked to convince himself, was taking a nap. "I missed you today. Cameron's here to see you." Harry said as he held her hand in his, putting his head down on the bed, staring at her fingers. Everyone in the room looked at him in pure agony, they knew how much he loved her and how much he needed her. They knew he wasn't himself anymore. They knew he lost himself.


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