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Pen Your Pride

Hye wattpadders....<--- is tht what u call pple on wattpad? ;P sorry if u dont

Anyways GUess what? I AM WRITING A NEW STORY so um this is pretty much the first chapter so COMMENT and Vote and Fan ;P if you like it and if i should continue my story :D

So yeah this is a preview ;P trust me i already wrote chapter 1 so plez tell me :D :D


Dang, I thought you couldn't get lost inside an airport in London. But guess what? I've been hopelessly lost for half an hour now. I walk around and around, but I end up in the exact same place where I started.

Have Dad, Loren, and Ray even noticed that I wasn't with them? Oh, smurf my life. Smurf it, smurf it, smurf it.

The damn sign in front says Exit This Way, but here I am. Exactly in the same spot as the last few other attempts. Again. Does that sign even work? I swear that it must be broken. Or it must magically point to the wrong direction when I look at it. That's why everyone else can find their way out.

Great, even signs are being difficult with me.

I frown at my situation. Lost in an airport, separated from Dad, Loren and Ray... And - oh, another thing - did I mention I needed to use the bathroom?

Hopping from foot to foot, I walk to the staff room door like a character in that kids' TV show called Pingu or something-or-other. I knock for the tenth time - or has it been eleven? No, maybe twelve. Ah, it doesn't matter. I think I lost track after nine. Looking at the blue door in front of me, I wonder if it would be a good idea to kick it open. Probably not.

Turning back, I head for another door. This time I didn't know what kind of room it was; there was no sign or label anywhere near it to tell me. I'm tempted to open it and see what's inside. Well, you're probably thinking, why don't I? It's just a door somewhere in the airport, after all. It wasn't such a big deal to just take a peek inside.

That's because I promised Dad I wouldn't do anything that isn't in his definition of safe. Pretty much like not being able to pick up a rock, in case it might hurt me. Yeah, like a rock could hurt me. But to Dad? He'd probably worry that a rock would be too sharp that I'd scratch myself. And that scratch would become an infection that might become serious in the future. And, well, you get it.

Yep, good ol' Dad.

My hands twitch. Oh, it's just too tempting! I feel bad for breaking my promise to him, but...oh well, not like I haven't broken promises before. And it's just a door.

I reach for the door and pull it. It doesn't budge. I frown. It didn't seem locked, so why...? My eyes widen as I realize my mistake. It's a push door. Oops. My bad.

I push it. It opens without budging.

Well, it was certainly dark. I squinted, trying to see in. Nothing. Well, maybe there was a light switch that I could...? Unwarily, I take a step into the room, but I find myself stumbling and rolling down, down and painfully down what felt like dozens of stairs. I met by the cold floor. Stupid damn smurfed up stairs!

Ugh, I think the airport - or the government, for that matter! - should start making signs that say, Beware. Evil stairs coming your way. Take at your own risk.

Yeah, you could say I don't like stairs.

I try getting up from my big fall, but I can't; I feel too sore to even move a muscle. Oh, my aching head. Last time I felt this was probably, well, I can't remember. I can almost feel the bruises on my skin and body. There's a burning pain on my right wrist that just seems unbearable. (I'm not turning into a vampire, am I?) Did I fracture it? I think I did. I'm sore all over, but this pain stands out most of all. I can barely even feel it there.

Oh, smurf my life.

For what seems like an eternity, I lie there, eyes closed, praying someone would think of looking down in this dark room. There're aches and pains all over me, not to mention my most-likely broken wrist. The airport could be closing for all I know, and I'm stuck down here in this dark hole.

When I feel like drifting off, I feel two hands picking me up, and strong arms carry me from the cold floor.

Relief floods me instantly. Oh thank god, someone found me! Smurfs know how long I could have been on the floor. Cold, broken, hungry... To think my family didn't even try to look for me.

Thank you, my smurf angel. Believing in smurfs did do me good today, didn't it? I knew a smurf would come and pick me up, saving me from getting stranded in that dark room, lying on the cold floor and -


Smurfs can't pick up humans.


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Hey i want to thank my editor AphroditeKid

I LOVE YOU FOR EDITING IT :D and PLEZ GO CHECK OUT HER STORIES :) and I am going to post chapter 1 once it goes through my editor :D

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