39. Pub

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39. Pub

Harry POV

Three days of complete silence at the house has had me in need of some guy time. Damon insisted that the gym and a couple drinks will get her off my mind.

Damon and I sat at the pub after we went to the gym. Our tall glasses of beer dripping sweat down the side of the smooth clear glass. In the silence that occurred between conversations I would watch the water trail down the glass onto the coaster for my own amusement.

"How's Rose?"

"Rose?" my heart stopped at the mention of her name. Her face popped in my head. And so did her bruises and so did her scars.

"Yeah." He took a gulp nodding.

"She's," I paused before continuing. "We've been in a bit of a quarrel." I admit tipping the slippery glass between my lips. The cool beverage slid down my throat.

"What about?"

I thought over if I should tell Damon. Maybe he could help me with the situation I've been thrown in, and I trust Damon with everything but I can't help but think that this- this can't be fixed any other way..

"Nothing." I finally settled with.

Damon carried on to tell me that he and some girl had been having this little 'thing' going on and he genuinely liked it. I wish I could say that I wasn't shocked, not to say Damon isn't attractive he's just picky when it comes to girls. Not that he has troubles but he has his standards that he lives by when it comes to girls.

We finished the last drinks and finally looked at each other both knowing we were done. We stood up to walk to the back door that we usually exit out of.

As the door swung open one of Damon's old buddies grabbed his arm and chat with him for a bit. I stood out back waiting for him as the cool air nipped at my skin leaving goosebumps. I rubbed my hands over my arms in hopes it'd keep me warm.

"Curly." I heard a voice shout. I turned around and met the eyes of Ferg. I blinked in reassurance that the alcohol wasn't getting to me.

"Ferg?" I chocked.

"I was hoping I'd see you, and your little Rose here." He growled. His voice mentioning her name making my muscles tense.

"What?" I growled between clenched teeth. If he thinks ill let him off easy after this he's got another thing coming.

"Well, she owes my brother something." She pounded his fist into his palm as if he was the god father.

"Rose doesn't owe either of you stupid twats anything!" I spat with my eyes narrowed.

"What did you call me?!" He shouted his fat fist hitting my lip. I felt my tooth slice into the meat of my bottom lip. I winced in pain. I put my finger to my lip feeling blood on my finger tips. I hurled forward tackling him to the ground and pounding him. My fists covered in blood pouring out of his nose. I eased up as I heard sirens and a cop car pull up. I turned my head to notice a gun pointed at me and the man shouting:

"Don't move!" I obeyed as he took cautious steps closer. "Put your hands behind your head." He sneered. I put my hands behind my head comfortably resting them on my curls. He yanked up putting handcuffs around my wrists and walking me to the cop car. He kept radioing the dispatcher about getting an ambulance here. I sat in the back of the car in defeat and embarrassed. I can't believe I'm going to jail.

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