The Mafia Wife

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To dream, is to believe. To believe is to have faith, for even the darkest nights. Need the light of stars.


" You don't fear the monsters under the bed. You fear the one hiding under one's flesh my dearest wife".

A dark voice spoke, making me tense. A cold shiver rustled down my spine; causing my stomach roll. My insides twisting and turning in nervouseness.

Looking upwards, I found myself slowly turning around; away from the comfort of the large cream wall, and in to the eve of darkness.

Inhaling sharply, my hesitant gaze stared ahead. Landing on the tall figure stalking forward.

The large man walked towards me. Almost predatory like. His left hand gripping tightly on to the black blazer; the material scrunching against his hold. The white shirt fitted perfectly against his built figure making him look like a fallen angel, walking in the dark. Swallowing down my dry throat. I dared a glance upwards; seeing his intimidating eyes piercing at mine. Anger and rage flowing through them.

I could feel my heart beating wildly. Ringing against my ears; again and again, causing me to take a small hesitant step backwards. Not daring to remove my gaze from his dark ones. As though he was a wild animal with no hope of taming.

"This wasn't meant to happen. It shouldn't have been like this. It was a mistake. You're a mistake".

He muttered; his voice echoing throughout the large room. Ringing from each side. In taking a sharp breath, I dared swallowing down my now dry throat hoping, the lump would disappear, as would the emerging tears.

Opening my mouth, I dared to speak. Yet it seemed as though, all words had abandoned me. Leaving me vulnerable. Taking another step backwards, I was met with the cold walls. Sending chills down my spine.

Reaching towards me. His large arms seemed to cage me in. Making me tense; feeling his hand grip against my wrist, causing me to wince inwardly, hoping to move away.

I could feel tears brim my eyes;  a soft gasp of pain escaping my lips. Looking up, I dared glancing at his face, seeing his jaw harden. Anger morphing his features. The dark of his eyes, that seemed to hold the secrets of millenia, now stared back in rage. Almost disgusted.

"Omar please stop" I whispered softly, trying  to push the harsh grip on my hand. Wanting to be far away from the man before me. Wanting to be free of his hold.

No one had ever dared, raising their voice against the President of the Rangers MC. Let alone answer him back; like an urban legend, he remained. Casted away in the shadows, though no matter how much I tried, I knew I wouldn't be able to face his fury.

Feeling my body shake from fear. I could see him leaning in. His face inches away from mine. The strong scent of his cologne drifted through my nose as he spoke; his words threatening. No ounce of humour lacing within them.

" I don't want you. I didn't want you " he snarled glaring at me. Making tears form in my eyes. It felt as though someone was slıcing my heart. Ripping it apart, for it had been a vision of the heart, to see a future that only remained a figment of my imagination.

I wouldn't be weak in front of him.
I wouldn't let him see me this vulnerable. I inwardly whispered, yet who was I fooling. It shouldn't be such a shock hearing those words, but why did it hurt so much?

" Omar I swear, I didn't please" I started. Trying to reason with him yet he turned deaf ears to my pleas. It was as if everything around me was twisting and falling,right  through my fingertips and I was disappearing in to an oblivion.

I couldn't stop it. All I could do was look and see my world crash before my eyes.

Something within his face twisted, as he closed his eyes tightly. A low groan ripping from his lips; as the next thing I know. The large of his hand slammed against the wall behind me. Echoing all around, making me tense. My body turning cold, feeling his dark gaze plastered on me. 

" Omar-" I started, barely hearing my own voice as the man before me groaned.  His loud roar filling my ears. Pulling against my insides.

" Leave Naina .. NOW"

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