Nine: Villains Make Mistakes Too

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Still in my hand I hold the empty Pringles bottle I had consumed thirty minutes ago. Thirty minutes ago, I was blank inside my room, thinking about things that nearly made my head explode out of stress. The things, thus, are better off untold.

         But now, I have my head tilted on the windshield of Tiara’s car, annoyed by how can’t it be steady; I have to resist the irritable feeling of my head vibrating while I’m trying to fucking sleep. Now, we’re on the way to Dean’s party. For a moment, I kind of fallen asleep but I wake up and still, Tiara’s driving. In ten minutes or so, Tiara parks her car outside the gates of a house that is genuinely huge, which I suppose to be Dean's house.

          I jump off the car, it’s already seven but the night sky is bright, the moon sends light back down, adding light into the dark streets of wherever this is, while its circle image is escorted with hundreds of twinkling stars. Outside, you could already hear the thumping sound of the music from Dean's crib. When the three of us step inside Dean's house, the music is already busting out of the huge stereos, and the bass is pumping on the ground, you could already feel your feet vibrating. Though, there aren't many people in yet. Just about 10 people are here. Maybe we came a little bit early.

          “Oh my God, this place is awesome.” Tiara says with a voice that shows undeniable amusement. 

          To start off, Dean's house is pretty huge and modern-ish, specifically his living room. There’s a certain section where he’s got like a mini shrine of a certain something which is lit with a tiny yellow light above it. He’s also got a couple of systems around his living room and darn, his television is about twice as huge as ours in The Family camp. There are huge lamps and vases and all those wealthy stuffs around. I could say that Dean’s one rich kid. The whole living room is full of disco lights, and some super cool ultraviolet lights on the drinks corner. Yet, it seems to be so dark.

          I look around; everyone looks quite drunk they’re even dancing to a metal beat a normal person wouldn’t dance to.

          "Have you seen them yet?" I try to ask Kendall, not entirely sure if he has heard me, pretty much no because the music's about twenty times louder than it's usually played on a party. I take a look behind only to find out that Kendall, as well as Tiara, has gone completely ninja.

          Here I go again, alone inside this trap. I thought to myself, as I decide to take a small walk around.

          When I got into his kitchen, there’s this huge double doors leading to I-don’t-know-where. Out of curiosity, I open it only to see his pool place surrounded by some tables and a keg – a freaking keg. Usually, when high school people throw parties, they celebrate it outside the house, normally in the yard or somewhere else, but this one is different; it seems like his whole place is reserved for a party.

          Not a single human I've talked to in school has shown up so far, even the host itself is nowhere to be seen.  As I walk back to his living room, I see a solitary chair sitting right beside the drinks table, and for being the socially awkward Villain crap I am, I sit there with no hesitation, thinking about how lame for me to come here. What was I even thinking?

          Ten or something minutes later, people started coming in. Without me completely knowing, there are about thirty or fifty bodies filling in Dean's house, dancing their drunken and high bodies out.   And there's still me in the drinks corner, looking like I’m working part time waiting tables, bored to death and haven’t even drank a shot of vodka or any alcohol—which I highly am looking forward into.

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