Chapter 5

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*ring ring* vibrations erupt in the back pocket of my jeans as I park my Audi in the driveway. I look at the caller id and see its Aubrey. I still haven't told her what happened with Aaron at lunch or at the party so she's probably concerned.

I answer, "Hey Bri."

"Maeve, what the hell were you thinking, talking to Aaron Matthews, you know, The Aaron Matthews that beats everyone's face to a pulp??"

"I don't know..i was curious about him I guess" I answer.

"Well you are a complete idiot. Everyone's talking about it at school, some even say Aaron walked up to you in the parking lot."

"Wellll" I say in an increasing pitched voice.

"What? He walked up to you in the parking lot?!" She questions.

"Kind of...but only for like a second and he didn't even say anything really.." I answer.

"Maeve, what did he say?" She asks and I tell her. I also tell her what happened at the party.

"Oh my god." is all she says. There's a pause before she adds on, "So, he drove you he knows where you live. This is not good Maeve."

"That's all you got out of that entire 10 minute explanation? Did you miss the part when I said I was nearly raped?!" I get out of my car and walk in my house to see John talking to someone.

"There she is now" John says looking at me. The guy turns around and I practically shit my pants as I'm still on the phone with Aubrey, its Aaron. He's in my house talking to my uncle.

"What? What's wrong?" Aubrey asks concerned about the startled gasp she heard from me.

"Maeve I need to talk to you" Aaron says with the same bland face that shows no emotion. I don't know what to say because I did try to talk to him earlier, but now that I finally get the chance to, I decide that I don't want to know anything anymore.

"Umm...I got to go Aubrey I'll call you back." I say as I hang up the phone.

"S-sure" I say to Aaron while nodding my head towards the stairs as I lead him to my room. We enter my room and he closes the door behind him.

"What did you do?" He asks. I just looked at him slightly confused out of my mind as to what he's talking about.

"What?" I ask holding my ground as I try not to sound pathetic like I always do when I'm around him.

"What are you doing to me?" he asks while taking a step towards me and I take a step back because of how intimidating he looks.

"I'm not d-doing anything." I'm so confused.

"You kissed me, isn't that doing something?" He asks angrily.

"I kissed you so you wouldn't attack me!" I yell as I remember how pissed he looked at me during class, but almost immediately I apologize after yelling because I don't want him getting mad at me, but I guess that's too late because he takes a giant step towards me so we're mere inches apart and I take in a giant gasp of air as I nearly fall to the ground. He puts his arms on my shoulders to keep me from falling and we just look into each other's eyes. He glances at my lips for a moment then stares back at my eyes. He does that same motion with his eyes for a couple moments almost as if he wants to do something but a part of him won't let him. He lets go of my shoulders and swiftly turns around and starts pacing. What is going on in that thick skull of his?

"Aaron..are you okay?" I ask.

"You confuse me.." He says which gets me more curious as to why.

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