chapter one

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Parker p.o.v
"Parker get up for school you're going to be late for school." My mom yells at me.
I get bullied by my old best friend Amber and her minions just because I was a nerd but this year I am not letting anyone walk over me they can try but they will be hurt.
Anyways I go to my dresser and pick out my pink panties and pink bra. I also got my black crop top and black and white and black skinny jeans and my black beanie,and my black convers . Then I go and get in my shower I plugged my ipod touch to my speaker and lolly by Justin Bieber had came on I had washed myself with apple body wash.When I got out I curled my hair and put on maskra. Brooke my best friend had text me saying her and her brother are outside waiting for me.
"Bye mom ." I yelled .
I walk outside and walk towards my friends "Hey Brooke where is your sister?" Brooke and paige are my best friends. " she said she will meet us there. So lets go we can't be late . Once we make it to school everybody was surrounded by the schools bad boy Aiden Gonzalez . He caught me looking. Okay I will admit that I like him well ever since the eighth grade when he first came from London . Brooke snapped in my face " parker ever since eight grade you always wanted him so since y'all are starting at each other. Go talk to him!" I blushed at her comment "I can't go over three and say hey I have been in love with you for five years and never stop loving you!" She nods her head and muttered an "okay."

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