It all started on that crispy spring morning. I was drinking a warm coffee watching the birds gather sticks to build there nests. I saw you from across the park sitting on a wooden bench with your head down but I still knew you from somewhere, it could've been anything but you looked so familiar like I knew you from somewhere. Maybe I could go talk to him I thought nervously watching him out of the corner of my eye. He looked up and caught me and smiled shyly, so I looked down and pretended to look for something in my bag. Come on what could you possibly lose! I argued with myself. As I rummaged through my bag still pretending to look.

"Hi" I heard a voice say above me

I slowly looked up studying his handsome face from the small dimple on his chin to his piercing blue eyes and smug smile, his body was muscly but not like a body builder just someone who kept in good shape, I liked that.

"Oh, Um hi" I said closing one eye and using a hand to shield my face from the sun. There where butterflies in my tummy making me nervous but I pretended to be causal and let out a small smile.

"The names Keegan, I just thought I would introduce my self, I'm new to this town" you said reaching out his hand. I hesitated looking at his hand and wondering if I should shake it.

"Come on I don't bite" Keegan laughed brightly still holding out his hand.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Gemma" I smiled nervously. It's not like when you first meet someone you think "Wait I think this person will bite me!"

Keegan sat down next to me making the wooden bench creak under his weight.

We sat there for a while in silence just listening to the birds and the cars go past. No one broke to silence for a while.

Then it hit me, Keegan, the looks, the eyes, He was Keegan Allen. The guy I had fallen in love with as a teenager,the guy on the TV show.

I turned my head slowly in disbelief trying to find out if it was really you. You had the same face and body but looked older. I cleared my throat getting ready to ask.

"Um, are-are you Keegan um Allen?" I asked stumbling across my words.

He smiled and said "Yes" looking at me with those ocean eyes that were bluer than the skies.

I gust of wind went through your hair.

"Could I get a photo?" I regretted the question instantly and felt my self turning away as my cheeks started to burn.

You laughed and accepted.

I took out my phone of my tight denim pants and turned it on camera as smiled awkwardly.

"Thanks" I mumbled bowing my head.

"I should start going now I got to head off her work" You smiled getting up and brushing imaginary dirt of your pants.

I got up after you and put my hand out.

"It was nice to-" You cut me off by hugging me instead of shaking my hand.

Your warmth surrounded me and I could smell blueberries as I half hugged you in shock.

You pulled away holding my shoulders smiling and started to run across to the buildings 100 meters away. "Bye!" You called looking over your shoulder with your brown hair bouncing up and down.

"Bye" I whispered sitting down and looking in my hand bag.

I found a piece of paper with a number saying Call me -Keegan and there was a number on the bottom.

I started smiling like crazy as I got up and headed home.

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