Morocco Diary - March 16

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This is the last entry for the Morocco trip -- though it will not be the last trip. This is not an exciting day, but it does include one important travel tip -- keep track of your passport and visas.


March 16

Up at 5:30. Final preparations and bags out by 6:30. Downstairs for one last Moroccan breakfast—olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, tea, fresh cheese, and “Berber omelet,” which is basically scrambled eggs with so much fresh cheese and tomato that they never seem to set, but they taste great. Though many in our group are staying for the post-trip extension, everyone was down in time to have one last meal together, before we part company.

7:30—down to the van and off to Marrakech airport—a bright, cheerful little airport—where we had an extended farewell with Aziz. It’s an international airport, so we went through passport control here, to save time in Casablanca. There was a bit of a furor when, after passing through security, I discovered that they hadn’t stamped my passport, but after a bit of panic among the guards and a heated discussion on the part of several officials, it was established that I had done everything correctly and it was just an oversight, so they stamped my passport at last, and then returned it to me. (Thank goodness I noticed the lack of a stamp. I wasn’t excited about leaving Morocco, but I didn’t want to stay behind for something like this!)

We looked through the duty free shops on the second floor of the terminal, and Barb found a last few small gifts, but otherwise we didn’t find too much to buy (largely because we’d already bought most of it somewhere else).

This is too small an airport for jetways, so we walked across the tarmac and climbed the metal stairs to our plane. 9:50—on board and ready for the short flight to Casablanca.

As we came in to Casablanca, I was again delighted by the staggering number of flowers in the incredibly green fields around the city, and even at the airport—especially the bright orange calendula, but also red poppies, yellow mustard flower, and other unidentified flowers in yellow and purple.

In Casablanca, “remote parking” for the plane and bus to the terminal.

Not a long stay in the airport. Landed about 11 and boarded our NY flight about 11:45. Gorgeous airport. The gates are clean and modern, but the main hall is glorious, with high, elaborate ceilings, waterfalls and fountains, tiles, and a spectacular model of the Hassan II mosque made of crystal and gold.

The people from the tour who did not take the trip extension—Mary and Bill, Cora and Reece, Bernice, and Maryanne—are seated around Barb and me, which is fun. However, we are all so tired, I imagine most of us will try to sleep. But still, it’s nice to have them along.

It looks as though the flight is going to be on time.

Farewell, Morocco. I do not know when or if I shall return—but I can’t imagine not coming back.

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