Chapter 1

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Sun shines bright in the clear blue sky and long stretches of grass surrounds the huge iron gates

Once inside I glare at the people around me taking in all of them . this place is crawling with teenagers some are in groups hanging out with with their friends ,talking,laughing or doing whatever they are doing while some are alone and not bothered with the world

Beside me I hear Arkan begin to speak nervously

"'Brilston High' is one of the best elite schools,I.....ummm guess you will like it here"

I turn my glare on him and he grows quiet instantly but I can see the hope in his eyes

"This place is a shit hole "I crush his hope swiftly and efficiently and see his face fall for a very brief second I feel sorry for the guy but then I remember why he is here

Some time later,

I don't care how much later....

We step out of the principal's office who as he himself put it was 'highly impressed' by what he saw in my documents'

" We don't usually take students in the middle of the academic year but you are an exception young man" He says with pride

I almost snort at that as I cast a narrow eyed look at Arkan who looks too uncomfortable with the tie around his neck

So you people had thought about my punishment so far that you forged school documents?

Good , the tie serves you right

The women outside behind the desk hands me my class schedule

" Hope you like it here" She says with an unnecessarily big smile

Right at that moment a very pale skinny boy enters the office to submit some papers or whatever it was and her smiles grows even bigger

"Adam here can show you around the school"

I arch an eye brow at my brand new -school guide , My look not exactly friendly

For a second he looks like he wants to refuse and I honestly don't care but then he shrugs awkwardly and says "OK"

"Perfect"declares the women who's name I don't bother myself with

Before I go on this great adventure of exploring my I-don't -give a damn about school I pull Arkan aside eager to get few questions answers

"Don't worry arrangements will be made to get your luggage to your Dorm room" he says

I glower at him


"I don't care about that just tell me when this madness will stop and I will be allowed back in hell ?

"I have no Idea" He says looking apologetic

I don't want apologies I want answers

" What do you mean you don't know?"

Angers raises inside me like a swift wave. He was here to see me through my punishment and he doesn't even know the freaking details !!

Arkan goes pale

"As long as your banishment period is you are supposed to be here in mortal realm" He whispers as if someone might overhear us

Clinging to my last bit of patience I barely manage to not yell at him

"How long would that be?"

"I don't know.the high demons hadn't mentioned a day or a date"

Helpful!!really freaking helpful !

My jaw clenches and my fist tighten,and if I still had my demonic powers the entire place would have gone up in flames

but currently my powers are not in the working order and I'm struggling to not punch someone.

I have to force myself to remain calm and not punch the living daylights out of Arkan .

He is just a messenger , I remind myself Don't kill the messenger  

And honestly , It's hard to remain angry with a person who is sweating bullets and looks like he is a lost puppy shoved into a very unpleasant situation by his seniors

"I'm sorry Tashn .I really am" He says before he awkwardly pats my arm and walks out


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