After setting out some nice clothes for the princess Ros to wear, and some breakfast that Ana had made herself was put on the table next to her bed where Ros currently slept, Anastasia was called by one of the other servants. She had said that Arthur had called for her assistance, which she found strange, since she knew that Merlin was currently with him. Or he might have sent Merlin out to shine his armor, or something along those lines. He probably just wanted her to get breakfast for him.

Either way, she left the room and went to Arthur's bedroom, on a complete other floor of the castle. When she entered, she saw him putting on his shirt, a red one that she usually saw him with. She'd be sure to give him something different if she ever gave him his clothes. Damn Merlin and his non-existent fashion sense.

"Your highness, you called for my assistance?" She asked him.

"Yes, uhm, fetch me a new shirt, will you? Merlin has been giving me this shirt for the past month." Arthur answered, looking at himself in the mirror, then taking the red shirt off. She nodded, her cheeks going past that of a maroon color. He gave a slight smirk, proud of showing off what he had, and especially to the attractive hand maiden.

Ana looked through the clothes, looking for a proper shirt, one that was actually clean, and looked like something a king would wear. Unfortunately, there was nothing but the same shirts, with different colors. She handed him a dark faded blue one.

"I'm going to go down to the market, to find a someone who will make you something nice to wear for a change." She told him plainly, holding her head high and avoiding looking at inappropriate areas.

"Is that a request, or a command?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Request, your highness. I dont mean offense, but you need to wear nicer, more fitting clothes." She responded, her eyes finding their way down. She fixed this quickly and looked back up.

"Alright, but it wouldn't be proper if I didnt go with you to tell them how I want it. I'll send Merlin to take care of my sister after he returns. Then perhaps we may finally get the chance to speak alone with each other. Does that sound alright with you?"

"Of course your highness. Nothing sounds better."

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