The bell rang, signaling the end of last period. And even though everyone else seemed euphoric, I refused to cooperate. After all, you couldn’t expect me to get all jumpy when what I dreaded the whole day came to greet me sooner than I had fancied.

I have been doing a fairly good job of ignoring Jade since first period. Mostly because he haven’t even tried talking to me. With that, I didn’t know whether I should be glad or offended. I at least imagined him apologizing or something along that line. But no, he just has to be a jerk and go along with my silent treatment. In a way though, I was glad. If he were to talk to me, what would he say? I doubted he’d apologize for embarrassing me; he was far too evil for that act. Instead, I was more than sure that he’d press on the “impressing Jade” issue, being the narcissist he is. I guessed he was better off unvoiced, were that be the case.

I stood from my seat and slung my bag on my shoulder. Jade appeared beside me in less than a second. I didn’t glance at him, nor did he look at me. I strolled out of the room and into the busy halls, with Jade striding alongside me the whole time. I trudged to building two, where the gym was.

I know I said that Jade was better off silent but in truth, sparing my dignity, it was unbearable. Much as I didn’t want to get picked on, I wanted to hear his voice. I know it sounds gay but… it’s true. Not that I’d admit it to him though. I wouldn’t dare do that; not in this lifetime!

By the time I reached the double doors of the gym, there were only a few students down in the hallway. I turned to face Jade. Why I did so, I didn’t really know. I just looked at him, taking in his lean, muscular figure and his ever handsome face. And his striking blue-gray hue of his eyes…

He lifted an eyebrow expectantly.

I refused to speak; I wanted him to break the silence first.

He didn’t. Instead, he returned my gaze.

I lifted my chin. No way was I going to speak.

A moment passed until he finally chuckled and poked me on my forehead. “Such a baby,” he said, smirking, sending my heart in an uneven somersault.

I kept silent as I listened to his husky chuckle. God, I wouldn’t admit how much I missed this. I plastered on a frown. “You’re the reason I’m having detention. On my second day, I shall add.” I mumbled.

He raised his palms beside his head and wiggled his fingers in mock surrender and took a step back. “Hey, it’s not my fault you were defensive.”

“I wasn’t defensive!” I furiously denied. A few people passing-by threw us weird looks.

“See?” He said, tucking his hands in his pockets. “I bet you just love attention.”

“I do not.” I murmured fiercely, keeping my voice low to disprove his theory.

He shrugged then smiled. He actually smiled that I had to try my hardest not to gawk. “You don’t have to try for attention though; you’re fine the way you are.” To my dismay, his pleasant smile turned into a half-smirk. “In case you didn’t get the message, I was implying that you don’t need to exert effort to catch my attention...” he trailed off for a second, and then grinned wickedly “because it’d just be put to waste.”

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