We're off to surprize Percy...

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Annabeth's POV (sorry I use her a lot)
I walk out of my room and down to ground level. I walk into the door with "garage" on it and open it. Oh my gods! The cars were amazing! Jason has a sky blue (insert fancy car name here). Piper has a black Toyota. Frank has a red(insert fancy car name here). Hazel has a golden suberu. Leo has a red convertible with flames on it. Calypso has a green Lexus. Percy has a blue Toyota, and I have a grey Lexus. Everyone grabs their keys and drive to school. When we get to school, everyone stairs at us. We must look good. We parked and headed to the front desk. I stepped up to the front desk lady, Ms. Welshin, and said,

"Hi! We're new here. Can we have our sceduals?"

"Sure. What are your names?" I listed off all our names and the secretary gave us our sceduals. Than, 4 people walked in. There were 2 boys and 2 girls.

"Zoë and Lexi will show you around." Ms. Welshin said. I figured out I have the same scedual as Piper and Jason. Zoë, the black haired one with blue highlights, will be showing us three around. Zoë asked us for our locker numbers and we gave her them. When I told her mine she said,

"You are by the hottest boy in school. I am the only one not attracted to him and I am his BFF." She said.

"Cool." I said as an answer. As we walked, Zoë and I became better friends. I figured out that Zoë has a personality a lot like Thalia. When we got close to the locker, Zoë stopped and said,

"There's Percy, the boy I was telling you about. Don't hit on him. He has a girlfriend."
I laughed. Zoë asked me what was funny and I told Jason, Piper and Zoë to gather round. I told them the plans I made and Zoë took out a phone and said,

"I'll video this." First, Jason and Piper walked up and said hi. Percy hugged them and asked why they were here. Jason said that "Mr. Brunner" wanted us to go to school. Percy asked who else was here and they said the rest of the 7 and Calypso. Than Percy asked if Annabeth was here. I snuck up behind him and placed my index finger on his Achilles heal and said,

"Perseus Jackson" in a monster voice. With that Percy spun around and kissed me.

"Annabeth!" He yelled.

"Care for introductions?" Asked one of his friends.
Hay guys! Sorry I haven't updated in forever. Shout out to booklover472 and FaeHunter for the correct answer to the last question. Question of the Week: When is Annabeth's birthday? When is Percy's? Fun fact: My cousin's birthday is the same day as Percy's. He is planning on having a Percy Jackson b-day! Comment and Vote!

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