You Know Those Days Where You Don't Want To Wake Up? I Had One.

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I groaned as I opened my eyes, it was 9:00 and Chloe was shaking me and yelling at me to wake up. My little sister was already up and moving, in hiking clothes, and a backpack thrown over her shoulder.
"C'mon Cara! We're gonna be late!" Chloe exclaimed.
I groaned again and got out of bed, went to my suitcase, and changed into some clothes.
"You can't go hiking in those!" Chloe laughed.
"Why not?" I retorted.
"You'll keep tripping, and they'll get snagged on the branches!" Chloe answered like a pro.
I was wearing a blue blouse with a green skirt. I couldn't wear this? Another reason I don't like hiking.
"Fine." I moaned, looking at my suitcase.
Chloe came over and burst out laughing.
"That's all you brought?" She said in between gasps of air.
"Yes. What's wrong with it?" I retorted, instantly regretting it.
Let's just say, these clothes are not hiking clothes. Chloe laughed. Then she dug through my suitcase, looking for something. She pulled out a tank top, bra, shorts, socks, and sneakers. She threw them at me. Me, being me, squealed and cowered as they hit me. I'm a real girly-girl. Chloe smirked.
"Try these."
I put them on and looked in the mirror. I didn't look half-bad. As I was starting to apply makeup, Chloe stopped me by throwing the sunblock at me. Why is this girl so violent?
"What?" I snapped, irritated.
"No makeup." She said, smirking.
I glared at her.
Then, with a sigh, I put my makeup down, and started gooping up. Once I was done, I went downstairs with Chloe to the diner. We opened the doors and I saw the kitchen. The floor was tiled gold, there were ten tables, a vending machine, a coffee maker, a soda fountain, and a counter where delicious goods were being put on shelves. The walls were the same as those in the lobby and Room 303. I pulled Chloe to the counter.
"What would you like?" Asked the lady taking orders kindly..
"French toast with two cookies." I answered quickly.
"Anything else?" She said, smiling at Chloe.
"Yes, please. I would like pancakes with a chocolate chip muffin." Chloe said calmly.
The lady smiled at her and wrote something on her notepad. "Pancakes, French Toast, a chocolate chip muffin, and two cookies!" She yelled. "Please take a seat."
Me and Chloe went over to the closest table and sat down. Chloe took out her book, and I took out my phone.
"Pancakes with a chocalate chip muffin and French Toast with two cookies!" A man yelled. I went over and got the food.
"Order up." I grinned.
Chloe looked up from her book and smiled. Then we dug in. A few things I'm good at; eating, playing video games, gossiping, painting nails, eating, sleeping, being late, being lazy, eating, falling asleep in class, eating, complaining, oh, and did I say eating? Soon the food was gone. Now it was Chloe's turn to drag me toward certain boredom. We arrived at the lobby, and the hiking group was preparing to leave. Chloe dragged me into the throng of weird people who actually like trudging through natures most thorny thorn bushes. The instructed said a long lecture while I zoned out. I was abruptly dragged out of LaLaLand when Chloe pulled me.
"C'mon!" She yelled.
I sighed and glared at her.
"Why are you squinting?" She asked through a mask of fake innocence.

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