The sights

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Y/n= your name
L/n= last name
E/c= eye colour
H/c= hair colour
F/p= fav pizza
F/c= fav colour
F/a= fav animal
F/h= fav hobbie
B/n = bullys name

"Great the best day to decide I wanted a job" you say to no one in particuler. As you were busy holding your black eye, you wonder how you got into this mess.

You where walking towards Falco industres the leading company in all things new. "Seems nice enough" you think as you enter the building, but stopped dead in your tracks when you see b/n, he/she was talking to some freinds. You started walking away but they saw you. "Hey y/n, ya wimp" he/she shouted. You reluctently turned as they walked towards you.

End of flashback

You brushed the stray locks of h/c hair out of your view and continued walking. You eye was better now, it didn't hurt as much. As you were walking your stomach growled. 'How long till I ate last,' you think. You see a restraunt and walk in. You weren't to surprised to see lots of kids, knowing this was the famous freddy frazbear pizza.

"Hey there" said someone. You turn around and weren't too surprised to see a anamatronic walking towards you. "Hey there", you say "umm, Chica, right?" you ask. She shakes her head while saying "yep, toy chica, nice to meet you!" You smile and shake her hand(or wing whatever) and address yourself "i'm y/n, nice to meet you too." Chica giggles and you swore you saw her blush. "Well y/n, I guess you should come in and eat" she says. "Yeah, well I am hungry" you say. Chica giggles again, "well then, right this way" she says gleefuly. You look around while chica guides you to an empty table. "What would you like?" she asks "well how about f/p" you ask, "sure thing" she says. You take the time to explore the place, you read a sign saying 'Kids Cove' you shrug and wander in, as soon as you enter you see a massive group of kids. As they started to disperse you were horrified at the site, a white vixen in a jumbled jeap of what you guess is its body. As you slowly walk towards it you hear chica call your pizza order, 'must be cooked,' you think. "I'll be back later" you mutter to it, as you walked away you thought you saw it look at you. Later as you sat down, chica brought your pizza. "Hey chica" you say, "yeah?" asks chica, "what's that white fox in kids cove all messed up?" She looks worried, "what's wrong?" you ask. "Well, that's mangle" she says, "well it looks like she needs a fix up", you say sternly. "The staff have tried, but the kids keep taking her apart, its so sad I can't do anything," she says tearing up. After some deep thought on what she said you say something that caught her off gaurd. "Is there a job opening?"

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