Chapter 15

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 The day went without incident, an unexpected bonus to what Evelyn was beginning to think of as one of the best weeks of her life. After embarrassing Jessica publicly, Evelyn had expected more of an immediate attempt at revenge than she seemed to be showing. Cozying up to Derek was a bit disturbing, and something she planned to keep an eye on. But Evelyn seriously doubted Jessica was ambitious enough to plan out anything more elaborate than the usual high school mean girl pranks, or malicious enough to try to get anyone seriously hurt, regardless of her level of hatred. At least she hoped.

For the moment, however, Evelyn would just enjoy what was surely the calm before the storm, and concentrate on more pressing real life matters. High school drama was annoying, but it would all be over in a couple months, leaving behind the whispered insults and rumors. In the meantime, she had other things to attend to. Puck would be waiting for her after school, and Evelyn intended to introduce him to Brandon.

If Puck wanted to be a part of her life again, if he wanted her help in his own world, then he would have to accept her life in this one and understand how much it meant to her. She would go with him, do what she could to set things right, then come home to live the life she had always wanted. No matter the joy he had brought her before, and may bring again, Evelyn refused to let events in a world far from her own knock down what was finally being built in her favor.

As always Brandon waited patiently, his smile brightening at the sight of her. Evelyn opened herself to his emotions, talking in the warm electricity that surged in waves from his body into her own. They were ever increasing feelings, ones that matched her own as Evelyn allowed her walls to crumble away piece by piece. "Long time no see," she joked as she met him on the steps, "it's been what? Two, maybe three whole hours? Whatever did you do without me?"

Brandon put his hand dramatically over his heart, "Suffered, each moment more painful than the one before, banished only by your healing presence."

Evelyn laughed as she took his hand, "Wow, bit of a drama queen aren't we?"

"Drama queen?" Brandon said, feigning insult, "I think you mean drama king, a guy whose manliness is matched only by his sense of old school romance. You should be thrilled to have such a rare specimen!"

Evelyn snickered, "Oh is that so? I think a bit of that ego's kicking in again."

"Confidence, not ego. It may be a fine line, but I walk it well." Brandon replied as they made their way through the crowd, "Now let's go meet this friend of yours, my interest has been more than peaked all day."

"An interest soon to be sated by gilded presence." Evelyn replied with as dramatic a voice as she could muster.

Brandon laughed out loud, "Wow, and you say I'm the drama queen!"

"You're not the only quick witted one between us." Evelyn said, nudging Brandon with her elbow.

"Touche," Brandon said, giving her hand a squeeze, "so what about your parents, do they know about him?"

"Yes and no," Evelyn said with a sigh, "they knew about my imaginary friend when they took me in, kind of had to seeing as I blamed him every time I got in trouble, but they've never actually met him. I sent him away before they fostered me."

"Yet you still blamed him when you got in trouble?"

Evelyn grinned sheepishly, "Hey, I was still a kid you know, had to find some excuse when I goofed up practicing my magic!"

Brandon chuckled, "I guess I can see that. How much do they know about your gifts?"

Evelyn cocked an eyebrow at him, "Gifts huh? Not exactly what I've seen them as, always seemed to get me into more trouble than anything else."

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