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(A/n were gonna pretend that Skylynn is 13 Ok...? Ok!)
Hayes POV
I was watching Tv with sky... I was still mad due to the fact that I had to babysit her for 3 weeks!!
Our mom went to visit Nash and Cameron in LA!
My dad is out on a fishing trip with sky's dad and im sitting here doing nothing with a 13 year old... Cant she whatch her own self by now?
I cant have fun with my girlfriend y/n because she is at the mall!
"can you change the channel?" Sky said
"Uh... Sure." I responded and I was gonna say something else before she looked uncomfortable and said she needed to use the bathroom.
I didn't give much thought about it... I didn't care i mean, she just went to the bathroom.
Sky's POV
I was watching Tv with Hayes when all if a sudden I felt something wet on my butt and I knew for a fact that the couch wasn't wet because we weren't allowed to drink in the living room... I thought for a second and just went to the bathroom.
I did my business but then when I went to wipe there was BLOOD... blood everywhere I didn't know what was happening mom never told me about this stuff I was scared what was I going to do... OMG im crying now because what if I cut myself down there... OMG I did the only thing I could do and screamed for Hayes.
Hayes POV
I heard sky scream for me so I thought she needed toilet paper so I got up with a sigh and went up the stairs I knocked on the door and heard sobs.
"Sky are you alright?"
"No... there's blood everywhere I dont know why?" she whispered
"SKY WHAT DID YOU DO WHAT IS BLEEDING!?!?!" I said attempting to open the door but it was locked.
"Im bleeding down there." the last 2 words she barely said but I picked them up clearly I was shocked... I ran and said "I will get you help sky sit tight!"
She was laughing and said "where do you think i would go dumb-nut?"
I ran down stairs to call the only female that could help... Y/n!!
I was walking to the food court because shopping at forever 21 makes ya hungry when all of a sudden my phone goes off... I pick it up to see Hayes calling me I quickly answered and said "hello?"
"Y/n please help come over here now!!"
"Wait... Why Hayes what's wrong?"
"Sky is on her period for the first time and i dont know what to do!?!?"
"Ok... Hold on im coming!"
He sighed in relief and I ended the call i hurried myself to Walmart and bought pads and ice cream my favorite one when im on my period.
Hayes POV
I ran upstairs to see how sky was doing and she said she was fine so I told her y/n was coming and she squealed on the toilet. And then I heard a knock on the door and I went down stairs assuming that it was y/n but it wasn't it was all the boys minus Nash and cam of course!
"What are you guys doing here!?!" I yelled
They all came in and sat on the couches and said "we came to visit bro!"
I yelled back "its ok sky its just alittle blood..."
They looked concerned and scared then Matt said "what did you do to my angel?"
It looks like Sky heard what Matt said and said "I dont even like you Matt shut up!!"
He frowned and said "ok... What did you do to the devil??
"She just started her period and she is freaking out!"
They looked uncomfortable then there was another knock on the door and I answered it to find y/n waiting... she rushed in and went straight up stairs tripping and pads falling out of her bag... the boys said "maybe we will come back later..."
I locked the door and said "NO... if I have to go through this so do you!" And they sighed and sat back down just to get up again and follow me upstairs we got up there to see y/n in the bathroom... we eavesdropped and heard...
"Its ok sky it happens to all the girls!"
"are you shore?" Her fragile voice says.
"Of course darling and you just put it like that and your all good to go!"
I heard the toilet flush and we ran down the steps and sat on the couch watching them aproaproach
"Y/n handed sky ice cream and she gasped and ran to the kitchen for a spoon and went to her room.
Y/n sat on the couch and sighed... "when did you guys get here?" Referring to the boys sitting down making weird faces and the first one to laugh was out...
"Awhile ago... and we have to go since this is over... I really dont want to see a girl for awhile!" Johnson said
"My babygurl is growing up!" Matt said pretending to cry I laughed and they cleared out and left.
I cuddled up to Hayes and he said "thank you!" Before falling asleep.
A/n thanks vote...comment... and request!