There were two things I was certain about.

One; Reece Carter’s my neighbor.

And two; I’m locked outside my house.


I pushed the gate of my backyard open in hope that the back door was miraculously left unlocked for me.

It wasn’t.

I sat on the pavement, feeling gloomy.  Out of his dog kennel, my gorgeous German Shepherd, Oscar, came running towards me and began licking my face.

“Eww Oscar, nice to see you too boy.” Oscar was my present for my thirteenth birthday. I opened the wrapper to a big red box and there he was, wagging his tail and licking my face. Love at first sight.

Around five minutes later, it began raining.

“I guess it’s just you and me until mum and dad come home.”

About two minutes later, Oscar went inside the house through the doggy door.

“Okay; I guess it’s just me then.”


After many mental debates with myself, I rang the doorbell to Reece’s house.

One minute and thirty-seven seconds later; he opened the door.

Wearing nothing but a white towel around his waist.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought this would be a picture perfect moment.


So what do you see? You see Reece, looking sexy as ever, wet hair, droplets falling across his face, down his neck and along his six packs. Yes, six packs.

And me?

A girl with damp hair – not sexy wet hair – freezing because of the cold and eyes that couldn’t stop roaming around the body of a God.

“Are you done checking me out?”

No, not really.

I walked past him and into his house “You wish.”

He chuckled “So do you normally get locked out of your house? Or locked in school? Honestly when I first realized I thought - ”

“- wow, she’s a loser.” I finished. He held back a smile.



“Can you please put a shirt on?”

“Why? Is my six pack bothering you?”


“Is it distracting you?”


He sighed, “It’s tough being such a sex symbol.”


“I’m hungry.”

“I’m Reece.”

“Ha ha.” I replied in a tone farfetched from humorous. I grabbed the phone from the nearby table and began dialing.

A girl should always memorize four phone numbers.

-          Your own

-          Your mum’s

-          Your best friends’ (in my case it’s Charlie’s)

-          And finally, the Chinese Takeaway Shop

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