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"Shut up! SHUT UP!! You don't know NOTHING!! You are just like the others!!" She started crying her tears dropping down like raindrops. She slowly started to sink to the ground crying. She put her back against the wall and started crying softly. Looking up to the sky and sobbing quietly.

"I-I-I-I just want to b-be happy. I w-want all this p-PAIN to stop.... Just ma-make it stop.... I can't do this anymore...." Her voice was a soft whisper, like she was saying her last words before dying. She said this while looking up at the sky pleading for someone up there to help her, when she shouldn't be pleading at all because she already has someone to help her.

I took three long steps and bend down to her level taking her face in my hands. I made her look at me with her teary eyes before kissing her softly. I kissed her with all the emotions I build up during this few weeks for her. Like, it was the last time I would ever see her and I knew she felt the same way because of how she started kissing me.

After a couple of minutes we stopped kissing to take a breath. I rested my forehead on hers and looked at her eyes and right there and then I made up my mind.

"You don't need to go through this anymore because I'm here for you and would always be no matter what. I promise you I would never leave... I promise."

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