Chapter 33

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✷ chapter 33 ✷

✷ Natalie

"Natalie just calm down." Chris consoled me as I rambled on and on about being nervous.

"You know you're right. I have nothing to worry about." I said trying convince myself.

Chris nodded his head and smiled.

"You really don't have nothing to worry about because you can dance and I wouldn't hook you up with a job if I didn't believe in you." Chris replied back giving me a gentle kiss on the forehead.

I couldn't help but smile.

"Thank you Chris. I don't know what I would do without you." I told him smiling up at him.

"You would be a nervous wreck without me." He responded back.

I rolled my eyes and pushed him away from me.

"Way to kill the moment." I said walking over to our walk in closet and going in.

I have to pick the perfect attire for this. Maybe something a little sexy.

I searched through the closet for the perfect outfit and stopped once I seen it.

"You should wear that it's beautiful." Chris said from behind me making me jump.

"Okay I will." I said walking off to the bathroom with the outfit in my hand.

"Good luck baby. I'll be gone once you get out of the shower because I'm having a meeting with my manager." Chris shouted from the closet still.

"See you later!" I yelled back.

I hopped in the shower and cleaned myself up.

When I got out Chris was gone like he said he would be.

After putting lotion on , I put on my outfit , and then sprayed myself with my favorite perfume.

Once I left out of the house my nerves started to kick in again.

I hope this goes well.


Since the club isn't opened yet but it will be tonight I got to just walk in there.

I looked around to only see a empty building full of tables , chairs , and bars.

After a couple of minutes of looking around I heard someone clear their throat from behind me.

I turned around abruptly to see August standing there looking at me.

"Looks like you made it." He said taking in my appearance.

I smiled shyly before nodding my head.


"So you wanna show me what you got?" August questioned as I stood and looked at him.

Two other girls walked out and stood on the side of the stage.

They must be his other dancers because they are dressed up in a dance attire.

"Sure." I replied back jumping on stage.

He stood on the side with his dancers as they all put their attention on me.

I felt myself getting nervous but I quickly shook it off.

I took out my phone and began to play "numb"

I then began to do the dance I practiced over and over with the help of Chris of course. [ just search up Luam Teaches August Alsina 'Numb' it doesn't show up on here ]

I started to get more into the dance and I added a few more tricks.

Once the dance was over August and his dancers clapped making my face light up with a smile.

"Well done, you got the job." August said with no hesitation.

I cheered a little bit.

This is only the beginning.

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