Chapter 9

“Really Regina!” I screamed at the computer. I read the live one more time, just to be sure I was reading right. I have a photo shoot!? When she said photo shoots I didn’t think she actually meant it. I grabbing my things and ran out of my office, I only have an hour to get all the way across town, and traffic is never good. I , Reagan Jennette Norris, am doing a photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret? I thought you had to actually be qualified for a model, especially for Victoria’s Secret. I’m guessing one of them got sick and had to bail, hopefully this is just a small things, because I would not like to be all over the bill boards of New York.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I thought to myself.

“Come on, stick your butt out.” The photographer told me. I can't do this!

“Stick my butt out?” I asked.

“Come on, we don’t have much time. We have this band coming in next!” I pushed the though out of my mind and did as he told me to.

“Ok, on your knees this time. Smile bigger too; we want to make them happy.” I smiled softly. “That is not a smile.” The camera fell down to his side and he looked at me angrily. It’s not my fault I didn’t sign up for modeling. I face fell and I put on a big happy smile. “Thank you.” He muttered, bringing the camera back to his face.  “No no, someone come fix her boobs.” He groaned. A lady came rushing onto the white screen and I starred at her widely as she pulled half my boobs out of the bra. I always hated to be touched by people I don’t know, and now I have to sit here at let a person touch and feel all over my boobs. “Ok, that’s good!” he said, snapping what felt like millions of photos of that one position.

“Uhm, can I move?” I asked, trying not to move my lips.

“Uhg, go ‘head!” he waved his hand around impatiently. “How about on your back, SOMEBODY GIVE HER A ROSE!” he shouted. A different lady came rushing with a rose. I looked at it cluelessly. “Stick it in your mouth and look happy!” he said. I rolled my eyes slowly and did as he said, might I say it was very uncomfortable. I was lucky there wasn’t much thorn, but believe me there were. Someone came to the photographer’s ear. “What?” he shouted, loud enough for me to hear. “They’re here already? They can’t be, it’s only….time for them to get photos.” I could barely hear the last part. I stood up and rolled my eyes. “I guess we can do with the ones we have.” He waved me off. I walked off the white screen and started back towards my dressing rooms to get my clothes back.

“Reagan!?” I looked up and saw Harry running towards me. “You never told me you’re a model babe.” He leaned against my door.

“I’m not.” I said moto-tone. He looked over my body slowly before looking back at my eyes. Ok, maybe I forgot what I was wearing. A pink stripped bra and bottom, by the way. “Wait, if you’re here that means…”

“My band, yep.” He said cockily. I heard more heavy footsteps coming from around the corner. “What are you for? Victoria’s Secret?” he asked.

“Harry come o-Reagan?” Niall looked at me. “You didn’t tell us you were a model.” He smiled down at me. Why are they all so tall? They’re like giants. Either that or I’m just really short.

“I’m not!” I exclaimed.

“Then why do you look like a Victoria’s Secret Model?” he asked, looking over my body the same way Harry did.

“That’s what I said.” Harry muttered to him.

“Come on gu-Reagan?” Liam showed up next to the two boys that were already here. “You didn’t tell us you’re a model.” I swear this is like déjà vu to the max.

“I’m not!” Niall and Harry copied me.

"Isn't she hot." Harry slurred.

"Very." Niall said, making Harry kick his leg.

“What’re you Victoria’s Secret?” I groaned loudly, slamming my forehead into the door. “Hey Zayn! Louis, come over here?” Liam shouted. Zayn? I ran into the room and slammed the door behind me quickly, before anyone showed up. I locked the door and pulled on my clothes. I kept the undergarments for myself and put my others in my bag. I slipped my phone into my back pocket and ran out of the room.

“Reagan?” I stopped in my tracks, hearing that familiar British-paki accent. Why’d he have to show up? I turned around and they were all standing there, starring at me. "What're you doing here?" he asked.

"You're a model?" Louis asked.

"She keeps saying she's not, but you should've seen what she was wearing." Harry said, and they all Niall and Liam nodded along with him.

“I have to go, my uhm…fish needs feeding.” Zayn’s head turned into confusion. He knew  I didn’t have a fish, but the rest didn’t. “You know, don’t want him to die or anything.” I backed away slowly.

“Why don’t you come to our party tonight? It’s celebrating our 2nd tour, Harry needs a date.” Louis offered.

"Uhm." Zayn's face drained of all color.

"Yeah, I don't want to show up alone." Harry popped his bottom lip out.

“Uh, tonight? I can’t I have to…take care of….” What animal would I have to take care of, think Reagan, think? They all raised their eyebrows. “Well…uhm…” I shifted around awkwardly. “Oh fine.” I let in. I can’t now, and I mine as well go, I never really get out except to go to work.

“Great, what’s your number I can come pick you up?” Harry asked, pulling out his phone. I looked up at Zayn as I gave Harry my number; he glanced around at the guys awkwardly. I could tell he was trying not to look at me; he was completely bothered by this. “See you at 8.”

I straightened out my short black lace chiffon empire-line tea length dress. I’m not saying I love fashion, but I do. This was one of my recent Christmas gifts from my mom. In which I love because it fits my small shape perfectly, not to lose, not to tight. I slipped into my black lace heels and popped in my black rose earrings. I love lace, don’t you? Plus I have a black lace case just to match this outfit, do I not? I think I do. I popped my phone into it and touched up on my hair. I decided to wear it down, and just leave my natural wavy hair. There was a knock on my door and I walked out of my bathroom. Harry is here, yay! By the way, I’m not happy when I say that in my mind. I grabbed my black clutch and opened the door. Harry’s jaw dropped as soon as he saw me. “You look beautiful.” I pulled the door close.

“Thanks?” I mumbled. I locked my door and Harry grabbed my hand. “This is going to start so much shit isn’t it?” I asked.

“It probably will.” Harry laughed.

"You're not worried about your fans being mad?" I asked, as we stepped into the elevator.

"No, if they really love and care for me, they'll be happy I finally found someone." I starred at him like he was crazy. 

"Do you really believe that's gonna happen?" he shook his head.

"Not really but we shall see." he held out his hands before me, and let me step out before him. He laced our fingers together and flipped his brown curls with his free hand. I saw flashed and what looked like hundreds of paparazi. I really should've said no and I had to take care of my sick cat Patches or something. Maybe I should get a cat, then I wouldn't have to lie about having one.

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