Chapter 19- On the run

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Harper walked uptowards the skyscraper, this morning had still not changed, she still had limted contact with Duke and only had to speak to him if necessary, she hated how everything they had as come down to this. Pushing through the heaving crowds she entered the opening lift, Harper could already feel goosebumps upon her arms just the thought of seeing him now. What concerned her, was this something offical or would he move on from her second that he has had a enough.

She frowned wrinking her nose before exiting the lift. She was startled how James was sat at the end of her desk fumbling with a pack of sticky notes as he flickered them with amusement, he soon got up noticing Harper, snaking his hand around her waist as he pulled her close to him. Harper soon forgot what she was fretting about how close she was and the familair scent she felt so home to. James tilted her chin up before claming her lips against his. He released her and began caressing her cheek with his thumb as he studied her eyes.

"Oh how you make my day much copeable." He gleamed, the glint in his eyes as he pushed a strand from her face. Harper smiled slightly to him before sliding from his grasp as she moved across to her desk chair. James frowned following her around. "What's up?" Harper shook her head. "Nothing, I just need to focus on being your PA, rather than our sessions." James noticed the saddened expression upon her lips as she began taking out things from her bag. "Our sessions? I thought you enjoyed our time together?" He said, his forehead wrinkling as he placed his hand upon her back. Harper bit her lip. "I...just-" She muttered but she couldn't finish her sentence. James shot up removing his back from her back as Mr Collins exited the lift. James coughed stepping aside from her, Harper noticed this mere movement as if she had just caught alight. Mr Collins smiled at Harper nodding his head slightly before walking over to James. "Mr Brewer. Could we speak in your office?" He asked. James nodded and began walking to his office not even looking back knowing it would only add suspicion, James cringed knowing he could have got caught.

Harper sighed before sitting down, she didn't know what to think, could this between them, be serious or is she just being naive just like any other PA's he's had?

James sat at the edge of his desk as he rolled his sleeves up, Mr Collins entered not even bothering to sit down as he stood patiently. He scratched his forehead. "The financial report you sent us to look at, we checked and its looking good for this upcoming year. " He said. James' nose wrinkled as if in disgust. "Is that all? You do realise we have something called email, I do hope you have something else to tell me." Mr Collins nodded before gulping as he looked down to his feet. "Mr Brewer, our department is running low on employees, our last good one has retired and we are lacking on department funding to fund interships." James rubbed his forehead. "You are all given the same budget. And there are plenty of people who are looking to get in here. I had whole applicants sent to me from top universities." Mr Collins nodded. "Yes,its just the ones who look valueable have still a few years before they leave thoes universites. So...I was wondering if..." He stuttered looking at the floor once again.

"What? Wondering if?" James said crossing his arms. Mr Collins coughed before saying. "I was wondering if Miss Daniels could be allocated to her original postion in this firm, she would help us very much." James cringed just hearing her name, his expression to Mr Collins became quite clear he was annoyed. James knew this was selfish to do so but he snapped. "No, I told you she is working in this postion till I am sure she will be valueable to this firm and secondly I expect if you want to keep your job, you WILL find someone to replace." Mr Collins had no way to argue back instead he nodded before he dismissed himself out of the door. He passed Harper giving her sympathetic smile before exiting through the lift.

James tensed just the thought of not having her close, yes she didn't even need to be working as his PA, she had already proved she was valueable enough even more so she was better than any of his other PAs that he only usually employed because of their looks rather than assests of skills. James pressed the intercom button calling out to Harper. "Miss Daniels, could you come in here?" Harper answered back. "Sure, Mr Brewer."

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