Chapter Fourteen "Why?!"

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"Dont." I say bluntly. "Just give the damn gift and leave already."

He leaves something at the dining table and stood up. He walks behind me and I felt him stop like he wants to hug me or something but he just left fast.

I heard him say goodbye to Mom and Aunt Deb at the living room. I look at his gift. Car keys. Whoa. He's a fucking demon. But finally he's a useful demon.

I want everything to be okay but its just impossible. He was on drugs. I knew that. We knew that. I feel sorry for him feeling guilty and shit. But Right now, I dont want him in my or my mom's life. I still hate him for everything. Forgiveness is not a protocol.

When I was sure that Bryan left the house, I went to the living room with the keys in my hand.

"He gave me a car." I say.

They give me smiles. We look outside to see the car. Its cool. "Atleast he's doing something good. The fucker has a heart." Aunt Deb says chuckling. "Maybe 1/4 of a heart." She continues.

My mom smiles. "I need to sleep. I didnt get any last night. Sorry I was at work on your birthday Abbie."

"Its okay mom. Go and get some rest." I hug her and she goes upstairs.

"What were you going to tell me?" I ask my Aunt.

"Oh! Oh yeah!" She says. "You didnt tell me she's sleeping over! .....I met Summer."

My eyes grew wide. "How?!" I say and sat down beside her.

"This morning at around 6, I woke up. I was about to go for a jog actually when I bumped into her going down the stairs. She looks at me shocked. She then says 'you must be Aunt Deb' i said yes and when she said her name. I was like 'ooooh! Summer! Nice to finally meet you! Abbie talks about you' She looked quite puzzled and she asked 'you've heard about me?' And I said yes. She asked what kind of things and I said 'all good things' and we just chatted about a lot of things in a very small amount of tim--""

"Wait! Did you tell know! Did you?" I asked quite disrepectful interrupting her story.



"Just kidding! I'm not that stupid." She laughs.

I sigh.

"You know Abbie.." she says. "The way she's so interested in you, makes me get this feel like she likes you, too"

"I doubt it." I say and tells her about what happened. She was left wordless after.

"Now, I hate her. She made me feel like shit leaving just like that! I mean, she should've said goodbye or something" I said sounding so upset.

"I actually asked her why she was sneaking out like a robber. She said something awkward happened and waking up beside each other would just make it worse. Huh. I like how honest she is!"

"Whatever. I want to go back to bed Aunt Deb. I didnt get a good sleep."

She nods and I went to my room. I shoved my face on bed and just fell asleep. I hate you Summer!


12:13 pm

I woke up with my phone ringing. I look at it. Its Kyle.

I answered. "Fuck you"

"Well, hello to you, too ass wipe."

"What the fuck do you want moron?"

"Be at Donna's at 4!"

"What ever."

"Okay goo--" before he could finish, I hung up.

I tried getting back to sleep but i couldnt! I hate Kyle. What the hell does he want from me. Ugh!

I sat down and put the phone on the bedside table. When I did, a piece of paper fell down. I pick it up.

The note:

I couldn't sleep but you, you look like you fell fast asleep just after you layed down. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye and just left. I hope there will be no awkward moments when we see each other.

Thank you for the 3am breakfast. :)


Aaaaahhg!!! this is so fucking unfair. I dont hate her anymore! I actually miss her. I miss her so much :( shit.


4:34 pm

I arrive at Donna's house. With my new car, of course. The house, its already cleaned. No more party mess. And Kyle's not there. That Jerk! He's late.

"So, did you sleep well?" Donna asks.

"Yeah." I dont want to tell her about the over night. Altho she acts like everything is fine i dont want to push it. She's already hurt. I dont want to hurt her even more.


Donna's P.O.V

"Yeah" she says. I know its not true but I wasnt in the mood to snoop.

"I know you & Summer talked about Kyle. So, what did you answer?" I ask.

"I asked her if she liked Kyle." She says.


"She says...ummm.. she says she doesnt."

"OH MY GOD" I say in disbelief.

Abbie must be happy. But I cant see it. I know something is up. I just want to find it out. But I think I better not.

We dropped into a sudden silence of thinking.

"Sooo, what do you think Kyle needs us for now?" Abbie asks breaking the silence.

"Maybe some help for Summer. I dont think asking us for that is a great idea. The girl probably will dump him later. I told Summer dont, coz its too soon. Then she says she doesnt like him. So whats the point in helping Kyle anyway, when we are practically a part of his soon-to-be broken heart." I say.

Abbie agree's with a few nods. I wonder what else happened after they talked about Kyle? I best not investigate. Ugh! This sucks.

I hear someone coming in coz I left the door open a while back.

Finally, its Kyle. A very sad expressionless-faced Kyle walks in the room.

"Yo zit. What do you need from us? We dont have tampons for you you know." Abbie says to Kyle.

I followed by asking "Yeah. Whats up with this?"

Kyle sighs. He doesnt sit down.

"Its about Summer." He says and sighs.

Oh here we go. But both Abbie and I pretended we're puzzled.

Oddly, his mouth streches into a very, very huge smile and pulls something from the other room.

"Summer!" I say. Abbie is just looking so confused right now. Me too.. Summer looks shy as usual. But this time she looks as if she'd done something wrong.

With still his broad smile, Kyle puts his arm on Summer's shoulders.

"Guys!" Kyle cheerfully says...

"...Meet my new Girlfriend" he emphasizes.

I look at Abbie. She's more shocked than I am.

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