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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 4

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I could hear the alarm blare and customers scream as they fled the diner. Adrelin corsed through my body as I jumped into the passenger seat of my car. I tossed the keys to Niall as he got behind the wheel. When we made it on the road something hit me, "Oh my, God." I laughed.

"What?" Niall asked, looking at me.

"Im so getting fired..." I chuckled.

"Well that was a crappy place for a girl like you."

I blushed and rolled down the window, "So where are we going?"

"Youll see."


"Ta-da." He sang as we pulled up to a go-kart track. We got out, itd a beautiful day for racing, white puffy clouds, a nice breeze, my kind of weather.

"You shouldntve brought me here," I smirked as Niall paid.

"Why?" He asked as he fastened the bracelt around my wrist.

"Because Im going to kick your ass."

"Oh really?" He asked as I fastened his.


"Well then," Niall said as he gestered to thre race track," after you, my lady."


Strapped in and helmets on, Niall and I sat in two different cars awaiting the green light to flash. "Here," He said, handing me a napkin that hed taken from his pocket.

"Whats this for?" I asked, taking it.

"To dry your tears after I win." Niall smirked with with newly-straightly teeth. My heart beated rapidly but my face remained aloof.

"I wont be crying, but Ill use this napkin." I said, putting it into my own ocket.

"For what?" He asked as he shifted in his seat.

"To whipe my mouth when the loser, you, buys lunch." I gripped the steering whell and stared at the road infront of me.

"Whatever you say, princess."

Thank God the race started then because every drop of blood in my body rushed to my cheeks. Dont people say that Niall wants to find the love of his life? His princess? I slammed on the gas to catch up with Niall, he got a head start because of my thoughts.

I turned a corner and I saw him about 40 feet ahead of me. I pulled up next to him, "Whereve you been? I thought I left you in the dust." He grinned.

"You wish!" I called back, laugh. His sparkled when he smiled as he bit his lip. Niall went to say something, but didnt notice the turn and ran into a wall barrier. I laughed and glanced behind me to see the go-kart operater pulling Niall and his car back into the right direction, then sending him off.

Niall finally caught up to me in the last lap. We were neck and neck the entire reveloution. We both passed the finish line and slowed to a stop.

"I won!" He sxclaimed as he fumbled with his safety belt.

"No you didnt." I said as I unhooked my belts with ease.

"Yes I did." He said as I unbuckled him."I won."

"Aw, sweetheart, you dont have to be a sore loser." I mocked.

He scoffed, "Theres no way you won. Men are superior drivers."

"Oh really now?"

We bickered until we were inl line for food and made it to the register.

"Fine,"He said," Youre right now what do you want?"

I smiled an him and glanced at the menu above. I told him I wanted whatever he was getting. Niall smiled and rolled his eyes, "Go get us a table, princess."

There it was again. Princess. My breath caught so I nodded. I left him in line and found a table in the corner by the window. I sat and waited.

I suddenly felt a slight tug on my ponytail, I giggled, "Niall, quit-" I turned around,"Oh my God."

"Hey sweet thing."


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