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I got a new phone but kept the same number. Deante never tried to call me again. I guess he just got too busy. He has a family now and I am just a person from his past.

I worked at the camp after I graduated high school. He had moved to Chicago. He did come to visit the camp one day though. When he found out I was there he left. He didn't even see me. Someone just told him I worked there.

I tried to look him up on Facebook but he just kept blocking me or deleting his account.

Everyday I wake up and my first thought is of my baby. Not a day goes by where they don't cross my mind. I have resumed my faith with God and hope that my little baby is up there with him. Someday I will get to hold my baby in my arms.

For now I take care of my step children. Yes it took me ten years but I finally got married to someone who has kids of his own.

I went to college and I finish In a year. I always wonder how different my life could have been. If he didn't cheat? If I realized I was pregnant first? If he chose me over her? If I kept the baby? If I gave them for adoption? What if? What if? What if?

Not all dreams come true. I know because I dreamt of having children and raising them with their dad. My baby had to sacrifice their life so another baby could live that dream. I hope they don't take that for granted. And I hope Deante lives with his choice daily as I do.

Okay guys well that's the end. I plan on revising and editing in the future but for right now this is it. So thank you for following me on this journey if my first book. I hope you take the time to flick back through and vote for the chapters. It's not that many. Also remember to follow and friend me if you haven't already. Also you should leave comments. I would love to hear what you guys are thinking as you read and how you felt when it was over. That's all for now.

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