28 Fading Zen

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Thank you for the undying love and dedication from all you readers out there, I love the shit out of every single one of you <3

Enjoy :D


"Well, Kara's gonna kill me." Louis complains as he rolls out of bed.

"She'll be fine. I'm sure she knows you need a break after this week. What's an hour really? Just give her a fruit basket." Harry says. "Jim really loved the one you gave to the team. We enjoyed it thoroughly."

"Good! It was an expensive fruit basket. You better have enjoyed it." Louis pulls Harry out of bed with him and drags him to the shower.

The water is warm and Louis is glad that they both fit in the shower made for one. Louis has shampoo leaking down into his eyes, turning them bright red, but keeps them open anyway so that he can keep looking at Harry's shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles on the rack next to his. It makes him feel warm inside.

They share a razor to shave their faces and a toothbrush to brush their teeth, and Louis thinks maybe he'll get a toothbrush for Harry.


Louis pulls out tubes and pallets of foundation from his bathroom drawers. "Need your neck covered up some?"

Harry smirks. "That'd be great since most people look at me like I'm too old to be covered in hickies."

"Just tell them your bo- friend-" Louis mentally smacks himself really hard, "is too good in bed for you to care about the social repercussions." Louis prays that Harry doesn't call him out on his almost slip up.

"Someone has a lot on their mind." Harry hugs Louis from behind and kisses the crook of his neck.

Damn it.

"You're right, I do. Like how you are using sex against me." Louis says.

Harry bites Louis' neck. "I would never use sex against you. I'm just trying to get us to properly prioritize it."

"Who made you the parent in the relationship?" Louis turns his head to nip at Harry's nose.

Harry gives Louis an eskimo kiss. "Ha. I'm far from parent material. I've got just as much shit to work on as you. I think mine is less in my head though and more action oriented. Like I say or do things without thinking it all the way through."

"I disagree with that. You were the one to try and talk me out of having phone sex with you. Definitely a parental trait." Louis pokes him, and Harry releases him.

"But then there was the choking thing. Or half-kissing you the first time we did yoga in the park together. Definitely not something a parent should be doing." Harry wiggles his eyebrows.

Louis' insides squirm. "Stop. You're making it weird."

"I'm just saying, if I'm a parent, then I'm a very unstable one. My kids deserve better than that." Harry says.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Louis ignores the thousands of small Louis' in his mind jumping off a high dive into a canyon full of sharks because he thinks this is probably going to be another huge discussion that they're going to have.

One that Louis will never agree with Harry on.


"Okay, so this is a yellow based concealer, this one is orange based, and this one is green based. You have to use color cancellation in order to successfully cover up the bruising." Louis opens the first tube.

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