26 Fading Zen

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Thursday morning, Louis wakes up to his alarm and rolls over on top of Harry.

"Harry. I'm horny."

Harry groans. "Me too."

"Can you ride me please?" Louis asks half asleep.

"No. My thighs have fucking canyons in them from your hip bones last night. Not to mention your seat belt buckle fucked up my shin." Harry yawns and stretches out his arms. "You can ride me if you want."

Last night. Basically the Hiroshima of their relationship thus far. Louis refuses to acknowledge it and firmly forces every ounce of their conversation out of his mind. Every relationship involves hurtful things said, right?

Right. Oh wait, what relationship? The non-existent one Harry and I aren't in.

There's probably truth to what Harry said about why all his relationships ended in shit. Maybe not defining their relationship will be more successful in the end. Besides, Harry doesn't seem phased by any of it. Louis should do the same.

It's not dysfunctional... I'm just choosing to focus on the good parts of our relationship. Like sex... And the fact that we love each other.

That turns over a rotting log that reveals thousands of termites in his mind about how love and trust and sex are all not supposed to involve choking and hate sex.

I don't have time to think about this.

Louis presses the mental 'shut up' button in his mind again and takes a deep breath.

"No. 'm too tired. Plus 'm not ready for that yet." Louis lazily responds.

"Your loss. I'm going back to bed." Harry pushes Louis off of him and rolls over.

Louis pulls the covers off of Harry. "No! Come to work with me. Please?" He whines.

"What am I gonna do? Sit in your office all day like your puppy?" Harry grumbles.

"No. I need someone to be the receptionist. I'll give you double blow jobs today and fuck you tonight...?" Louis offers.

"Only if I get the first one right now." Harry turns over to meet Louis' gaze and smirks.

Louis purses his lips. "Fine." Then moves down his bed to straddle Harry and take his already hard cock into his mouth.

Ten minutes later and Harry is cumming with a groan of Louis' name.

Louis swallows and goes back up to Harry's face to kiss him. "Now you have to kiss me with morning and jizz breath!" He goes to French kiss Harry, but is quickly shoved off and onto the floor.

"Keep your dirty mouth away from me peasant. Especially this early in the morning." Harry stands up and stretches again.

"We both have dirty mouths now. Which reminds me, you infected me with your mouth Herpes. I have a cold sore that won't go away. I suppose that makes me an all around a filthy boy now." He wiggles his eyebrows at Harry from the floor.

"Holy shit, how do you have so much energy in the mornings?" Harry croaks.

"I always get up at this time. And I'm usually opening the spa by now, so I have to be alive and cheery for all the staff!" Louis chirps.

"Whatever. I'm going to shower." Harry walks out of the room.

"If I join you, will you give me a blow job in return?!" Louis shouts after him.

"No orgasms for you until lunch time boss man! But come join me anyway!" Harry yells from his bathroom.

"You'll regret this!" Huffing with disappointment, Louis picks himself up to go shower with Harry.

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