24 Fading Zen

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Harry opens the door to his flat and Louis sees no trace of Niall. He is abruptly pinned against the back of the door and Harry's hands and mouth are all over him. Louis dick has no problem responding quickly.

"Hang on, go get naked in my room yeah? I'm going to try calling Niall really quick and I just need to lock the door." Harry pants into his hair.

Louis breathlessly nods then turns on his heel to enter Harry's room. He feels like a million sunsets hit him in the face when opens the door and sees walls covered in dozens of red, orange, and yellow curtains, beads, and scarves. Everything smells like incense. He is surprised to find that it's just as big as the living room.

The ground is covered in a large red patterned tapestry. There are statues of elephants and Shiva and exotic looking lamps and statues and a sitar standing up in the corner. The dark brown shelves are lined with water polo trophies and pictures of Harry in India. His bedframe is a dark wood and his duvet set is a bright white that contrasts with all of the bold colors surrounding it. An Indian style chaise lounge sofa sits at the foot of the bed.

Overwhelmed would be an understatement.

Harry's stereo system turns on, and a band that he has come to know as 'Acceptance' starts playing loudly through the speakers.

He remembers he is supposed to be undressed, and drops the bag so he can use his hands to start pulling off his clothes. He's just pulling off his underwear when Harry walks in and looked him up and down.

"Will you put on Niall's jacket?" Harry propositions.

Deciding that yes, he would happily defy Niall's one and only request for them that night, he picks up the jacket and leaves it unzipped. "Hell yes." He definitely likes the smell of leather. "Actually. Also..." Louis trails off as he shuffles through the bag. He pulls out the leather lingerie with the attached ball stretcher.

Harry nods in approval and undresses himself. Louis gets himself situated, then turns to Harry who is looking at him for direction. Louis' eyes dart around the room, still trying to take in the surroundings and now very loud alternative punk rock that is pounding in his ears. "Chaise lounge chair. Now."

Harry grabs a bottle of lube and climbs onto the sofa. Louis walks to the end of it and motions for Harry to back up to him. On hands and knees, Harry pushes his rear up to Louis' hips and holds a hand backwards with the lube. Louis takes it and coats his fully erect penis.

Not bothering with foreplay or stretching Harry, he slams into him fast and hard. The ball stretcher felt amazing on Louis and he could feel the leather shift and stimulate him further every time he thrusts into Harry.

Harry is groaning with pleasure beneath him, muttering incoherent words that are drown out with the music. Louis feels so much adrenaline coursing through his veins. Even though Niall's jacket is unzipped, it's heating up and Louis is already sweating.

He pulls out and replaces Harry with himself on the sofa. "Ride me." He commands.

Harry bites his lip at the sight of Louis stretched across his furniture and happily obliges to Louis' wishes. He lowers himself onto Louis. "Louis you look so fucking hot. I love leather on you. You look so good." Harry has his eyes open and is pushing hard onto Louis each time he drops down.

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