23 Fading Zen

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Harry leaves, and the day goes on without them texting. Louis feels needy and horny, continually replaying every moment of his lunch break over and over again in his head. This makes for a lot of half-assed work and conversations on Louis' part, but no one really could judge; plus he hadn't eaten or had snacks since lunch, which leads to him being inattentive. He wonders how the heck he ever took care of himself without Harry. Hell, with Harry taking care of him as is, he still finds things to long for... like more sex for instance.

Was Harry still at his house? Would Harry be able to come over tonight again? Would he want to? Should he ask, or wait for Harry?

When he is close to finishing up the closing checklist, he texts him.

...What are u up to?

He gets a response a couple minutes later.

Just got done having dinner with niall... why do you ask?

Damn Harry and his coy ways. Making Louis ask. Why can't he make this easier for him?


Sounds like fun. Just wondering when you're planning on replacing my vibrator for me. I believe u owe me 2

Boom. Successful and legitimate excuse.

His phone buzzes with a response.

Would you like me to wire you the money?

Is he being serious or playful? Is he busy or uninterested? Fuck this. He'll play by Harry's rules.

No thank you. Id like to request your services as a chauffer to and from the store, as well as your moral support in person. If tonight is no good for you, then I can fit you into my very busy schedule later this week.

Let's see what he has to say to that.

His stomach grumbles and he ignores it, going on with his night and is about to lock the door when feels a text come through.

So needy :P. I'm available right now. Meet at my flat, and ill drive u from there.

This is new for Louis. He actually had never been to Harry's place. They were always content to stay at Louis' and Louis never really had a need or desire to see where Harry lives.

He receives a text moments later with Harry's address. Louis locks the spa then gets in his car.

Louis taps his fingers against the steering wheel. He doesn't really know what Harry had been doing since he left the spa at lunchtime and doesn't really know if he even has a right to ask. He also has never been to Harry's flat before, and a new environment has new expectations that Louis was unprepared for. Also, he'd be seeing Niall.

And fuck! Has Harry been telling Niall everything? How much does he know about their relationship? Did Harry tell him where they were going tonight?

Louis turns on his radio to distract his mind from thinking.

Some shitty Top 40 song came on and he lets himself bitch out loud about how terrible some music was nowadays.

He arrives into what he assumes to be the parking lot for Harry's apartment complex. He parks in an empty space and walks towards the building. He sees a Harley Davidson parked next to the sidewalk then knows he was in the right place.

He walks up the godforsaken stairs since there isn't an elevator and arrives at the third floor.

He knocks on door 310.

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