22 Fading Zen

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Monday morning and Louis' alarm went off. He reached over to shut it off and dreaded this week. The spa would be insane. And Louis really didn't have time for insane. Or maybe he did. He felt extra exuberant this morning.

He stretched his arms, and when he turned his neck around to stretch that out, he let out a yelp at seeing Harry in his bed. He scrambled to his phone to check what day it was and see if his alarm accidentally got set for Sunday and he was trapped in a Groundhog's Day vortex with some life lesson to learn.


He did the only thing any sane person would do. He poked Harry.

He's definitely real and alive and breathing.

Even when Harry stays the nights, he's always up before Louis, so this was new.

Not having the slightest clue what to do or how to respond to the situation, he figured he would go on default mode and just get ready for his day.

He looked in the bathroom mirror and shit- he forgot his neck looked like a wild animal had attacked it. He got to work with concealer and foundation, covering up as much as possible. It was moments like these he was grateful to work at a spa and have lots of make up and random beauty items and shit at his disposal to test, try out, and keep for emergencies. Unfortunately, even with his make up skills, the damage was deep, and hints of blue and purple still showed through.

Eh. What the hell. I'll go for a super metro look today. It's December anyway so it's somewhat chilly.

He skillfully maneuvered a scarf to cover as much of the discoloration as possible and fashionably matched it to his professional, but bold outfit.

Only five minutes left until he was supposed to be out the door, he went upstairs and peeked in his room. Harry was still asleep.


He ripped a piece of paper out of a notebook he had lying one of his shelves.


Not really sure why I'm writing you a note when we both have phones and can text each other... but I left for work. Make yourself at home if you want. I don't care either way. And I don't know, text me when you wake up or something?

-Louis xx

Louis was ashamed of his existence and crumpled up the paper and threw it over towards the trashcan. He was going to be late and didn't have time for stupid, frivolous notes. Harry could take care of himself.

He left his flat and arrived at work, mentally pumping himself up for the day. Employees trickled in, and he showed Lexie the ropes of being the receptionist. Unfortunately she would only be available for today, so he would have to figure something out for the rest of the week. He placed the 'Estheticians Wanted' sign out front. He'd have to replace Carrie this week too.

Louis was back in his office drinking his tea when he felt his phone vibrate. It was from Harry.

Figured id help out by picking up your flat a bit after the mess we made... i cant decide if im flattered by your note or offended that youd rather give it to the trashcan than me ;)

Louis huffed at that.

Dont go sticking your nose in places it doesnt belong :P

After going back to doing work on his computer for a couple minutes, he got a reply from Harry.

I can think of plenty other places to stick my nose if youll let me. Btw, did you bring a lunch, or should i bring you leftover stirfry?

And the thought of Housewife Harry got Louis much more excited than it should have.

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