21 Fading Zen

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Harry was in his kitchen again, making some exotic smelling stir-fry with vegetables that Louis didn't know existed and some other fancy, impractical appetizer cooking in the oven. Harry set a plate of sliced red peppers in front of him at the bar. "Eat this while we wait for the food to cook. I don't want you getting over hungry."

Louis picked one up and crunched on the sweet food happily. "Thank you." He shoved another slice into his mouth. "So how close are you to the end of your term?"

He walked back over to the stovetop. "I finished on Friday. I told you that before you left, but that's okay." He looked over his shoulder at Louis. "I know you had a lot on your mind. Like how to manipulate me into giving you phone sex." Harry snickered as he stirred the food in the wok.

"You're the one that called me drunk off your ass." Louis defended.

"And you're the one that started drinking while we were on the phone. Am I wrong? Let me guess, a bottle of complimentary red wine in the room that you hadn't touched all week? No... Champagne maybe?"

Louis snorted. "Tequila. And it's only because you drove me to drinking. This was all your fault."

Harry put the spatula down and walked over behind Louis, placing both arms on the counter around him and put his face close to Louis'. He shivered as he felt Harry's hot breath on his ear. "All my fault hmm? I disagree. You're the one always tempting and teasing me. You can hardly blame me."

Louis was about to take the rest of this conversation to his bedroom when something caught his smell. "Is something burning?"

Harry gasped. "My kale chips!" He ran over and slid on oven mitts and pulled the steaming tray out of the oven.

Louis wasn't a chef or anything, but those were definitely burnt. "Good try Haz. It's okay, shriveled up leaves honestly sounds like shit to me anyway."

"These... This is one of my best dishes..." Harry looked at the plate with remorse and sorrow. He reminded Louis of a very sad puppy. He wanted to pet him.

"It's okay. I still think you're a brilliant chef. Now, finish up your vegetable fry and let's watch a movie, yeah? We could watch Pocahontas if it would make you feel better." Louis offered.

"Yeah, that'd be really nice." Harry went back to cooking, kale chips regretfully in the garbage.

Louis hopped off the barstool with his plate of peppers and went into the living room to get the movie set up and the blankets out. He reminisced fondly on the blanket fort he and Harry had made together a while back.

He picked the fluffiest blanket and some pillows and pulled out the hide-a-bed on the couch because if they're going to watch a movie, they may as well snuggle and get comfortable, right?

Finishing off his pepper slices, everything was set up and ready to go. And gosh, it's been forever since he's treated himself to a Disney movie.

Harry walked into the living room with two plates of brightly colored food and handed one to Louis who thanked him. They sat back and Louis pressed play.

Louis started munching on the deliciously hot food and looked over to Harry. It was only the opening scene, but he seemed completely entranced by the screen. "Are you going to eat your food? It's really good by the way."

"Mm-hmm." And Harry slowly directed a forkful of food up to his mouth.

The rest of the movie went in a similar fashion, with Harry being completely absorbed in the show and quoting his favorite parts. After they had finished their plates, they cuddled and softly tickled each other's arms.

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