20 Fading Zen

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He finished his breakfast and orange juice and went to set the dirty dishes in the sink. Harry seemed to be taking longer than normal with eating, so Louis poured himself some water with a slice of lime and sat down and stared at Harry.

Harry was in a white v-neck with Louis' black and white soccer pants he wore every Sunday. Louis was in a grey v-neck with the matching soccer pants in a smaller size.

"Um, do you by chance have shorts or something? It will work better for the Thai Massage." Louis spoke warily trying to avoid staring at Harry's lips.

Harry had finished his breakfast. "Yeah, I can grab them. They're just upstairs, er- in your... Yeah." He stood up quickly to put his plate in the sink and went upstairs.

Louis stared at his lime and tried not to make a face that would expose any emotion to possible onlookers. Because you know, ghosts can be judgmental of insecure men in love with their best friend with whom they snogged less than 24 hours ago. He diverted his thoughts.

It's a bit hot out today. We should probably take the car since the spa is a bit further of a walk than the park.

He got his wallet, keys, and shoes and waited for Harry at the front door. Harry came clambering down the stairs moments later with gym shorts in hand. Louis opened the door, and Harry followed behind, toeing his shoes on. Louis made sure to lock his flat, then went to open the passenger door for Harry. He ignored the tension that settled into the car when the doors closed.

Both now seated, he started the ignition. The radio came on and it was Justin Timberlake's Summer Love/Set the Prelude.

Yep. Okay. I hope this isn't as awkward for him as it is for me.

Not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to it, he just left it on hoping that Harry wasn't paying attention. However that seemed quite impossible, as the car was void of all other noise and the radio wasn't exactly turned down to be background music. Louis swallowed dryly.

Harry spoke up and it almost made Louis jump. "Um, do you mind if I turn it off? I think I just kind of have a headache or something."

"Yeah, yeah. Sure." Louis quickly reached over to hit the power button when his hand collided with Harry's. Feeling like he just stuck his hand in a pot of boiling water, he hastily retracted it back over to the steering wheel. "Sorry."

He looked over to Harry who looked confused and unsure. That was a new look. Louis had really only ever seen Harry wear confidence.

"You're fine." Harry said under his breath. He hit the power button and the car was deathly silent.

Louis tried to focus on the road. There weren't many cars out. He accelerated a little. They were only a block away now.

They finally pulled into the parking lot and Louis couldn't be more grateful. He put the car into park and got out, not waiting for Harry. He fiddled with the lock on the spa until he got it open and walked in and turned on all the lights.

Harry was behind him now. He turned back to reach around Harry, who stepped to the side, to lock the door from the inside since they're supposed to be closed on Sundays. He led Harry to his massage room.

"Okay, so just um, get changed into those and wait on the seat. We'll have to adjust the massage table since it's a little different than normal massages."

Harry nodded, avoiding Louis' gaze and Louis left the room. He felt his stomach knotting up and felt anxious. He pulled out his phone to start looking for music. He was sick of typical massage music since that's what he had been listening to at the retreat all week. He decided to go for something slightly more upbeat.

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