19 Fading Zen

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Again, Louis was awoken with a shake on the shoulder. He mildly started to panic when he was experiencing deja-vu, then realized that he was at his final destination and didn't have a plane to catch.

He had Harry to face.

Still completely foggy in the brain, Louis grabbed the empty white bag from the seat pocket in front of him just in case, and made his way to the baggage claim.

Stupid fucking baggage.

His stomach was in knots, and he was sure if he attempted to eat anything that his body would swiftly reject it. He turned on his phone.

He had a text from Harry. Popping some more Altoids and taking a deep breath, he opened it.

Here. Gate number?

Waiting on his baggage, he checked for which gate he was at. The airport was nearly empty. Only the people from his flight were there. He responded to Harry.


He waited impatiently for the carousal to give everyone their useless shit back. He considered leaving his behind altogether. They'd mail it to him in a week or two anyway.

No. He needed these moments alone before facing the spider web that he was caught in the middle of. Moments before things ended how they did with Liam. Moments where he felt emotional and completely undeserving of good things.

He saw his baggage and yanked it regretfully off the carousal.

As he walked towards the sliding glass doors, he could clearly see his red Veloster parked by the entrance. It was dark out, but he could see the trunk pop open and Harry get out of the driver's side and walk around to open the passenger door.

And suddenly Louis was running. The doors opened and he was hit with the cool Arizona breeze. He dropped his suitcase with a thud on the cement and jumped into Harry.

His legs wrapped tightly around his torso and he held onto Harry like he would disappear at any moment. He was hit with the smell of chlorinated raspberries and knew he was home. He nuzzled his face so hard into the side of Harry's neck that he was worried Harry would lose balance.

He could hear Harry breathing irregularly and could feel their hearts pounding out of their chests against one another and Harry gripping around Louis like he was his lifeline. Louis felt his weight shift forward and felt the outside of the car on his ankles where his pants had slid up. Harry was leaning them against the car.

All of the emotions that Louis had drugged away for the last four hours promptly simmered up to burst, and he was bawling. "Please. Harry." He didn't think he could form the words he was trying to get out. "Haz, p-please d-don't leave me." He cried harder and gripped into the back of Harry's shirt with white knuckles.

Apparently Harry was sobbing as well. "Lou, no." Harry wrapped his arms tightly around Louis. "I'll n-never leave you. I'll never fucking leave you. I love you s-so much." Harry wailed into Louis shoulder and Louis felt like he was being merged into one being with Harry.

Louis could barely whisper. "I love you s-so much too." Tears continued streaming down his face.

Relief flooded through Louis' body. He felt happy and complete. After about 10 minutes, their breathing had calmed and their tears had diminished to light sniffling. Louis slowly loosened his grip on the back of Harry's shirt. He took a couple of deep breaths. He could hear and feel Harry doing the same.

Louis was slowly lowered back onto the ground and he leaned into Harry's arms again. Harry embraced him tightly and Louis was starting to get choked up again. He felt Harry bury his face into his hair and felt possessive kisses being placed to the top of his head and on his ear.

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