Please Answer

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Hey *L

I need to talk to you. *L

It's important. *L

Please don't do this. *L

I wouldn't try and talk to you if I didn't have to. *L

Please answer me. *L

This concerns you too. *L

Why won't you answer me? *L

Talk to me. *L

I'm not trying to be with you. *L

This is bigger than the two of us. *L

Jen told. *L


I lied but now that I have your attention we have an even bigger problem. *L

Yea well what is it. -D

I need to talk to you in person. When can you come in to town. *L

I'm not coming to town. If WE have a problem you can tell me right now. Over the phone. -D

No I really can't. You have to be here. *L

When are you going to understand that you are nothing to me anymore. I don't have to do anything you say. We don't have a relationship anymore. I'm with someone else and she is having my baby. Do you understand that? A baby. What do you want me to do just abandon them? -D

I do understand that and whatever you decide to do with her is your choice but you have another choice to make too. *L

And what choice is that? -D

I really don't think we should be talking about it over the phone. I need to tell you this in person. *L

No you don't need to you want to. We were fun while we lasted but that can't go on anymore as much as we want it too. I have to be responsible and I can't do that by running out on my kid. I really did like you but I can't do this with you anymore. -D

I really liked you too and as much as I want us to be together right now i know we can't. But I do need to see you one more time so we can decide what to do with this problem. *L

Does it really need to be done in person? -D

I feel that it does yes. *L

Okay I will be there tomorrow but don't try and be with me because I don't want to break your heart. -D

You already did that but my heart isn't the only one on the line anymore. *L

What do you mean? -D

I'll see you tomorrow Deante. Thank you. *L

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