Maybe my dress was a bit short

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I leaned against Ciel's carrage fixing the shirt and the open back waistcoat I was wearing."Touch me and I will not hesitate to rip out your intestines and strangle you with them" I said so coldly I could feel the ice coating my words, I turned my head to look at Sebastian. "Samantha what is wrong with you?" He asked sadly, "Go away!" I said firmly. "Sam-" "GO!" I shouted cutting him off he walked off, What a bastard. "Come on Samantha let's go back to the mansion" Ciel said getting into the carriage I followed him in and sat across from him.

At the mansion the moment i opened the door I got embraced by strong arms, "Finny!" I squealed hugging him back. "Sam we've missed you" He said crying onto my shoulder, "it's alright I'm back now" I cooed into his ear. "Samantha. buisness" Ciel said walking up the stairs to his study ,"I'll see you later Finny" I said giving him another hug and following after Ciel.  

I sat down and started flicking through some folders on Ciel's desk,"So lady blanc is a form of opium?" I asked looking up from the folder,"Yes" Ciel said reaching for a folder. "My guess is that Lau is working with the italian mafia to distribute this narcotic, he will profit this and leave the country in about 2days time" I stated putting the folder on the table. "I think that also" Ciel said throwing his folder down on the desk,"Samantha you can go to your room I am going to retire for the night." Ciel said standing up, "Yes, My Lord" I bowed leaving the room.

I sat in my room reading my book, A muffled scream caused me to jump out of my bed and run towards the source of the noise. I opened the door and Ciel was thrashing frantically in his bed, I quickly walked over to him and shook his shoulders lightly "Ciel! Wake up" I said his Eyes snapped open. "Samantha thank you" He said wiping away any signs of tears from his pale little face I got up to leave but he grabbed my arm. "Could you sleep in here with me please?" He asked even though it was night I could see the blush on his face. "Sure" I said, He pulled back the duvet on the other side of the bed and I slid in next to his frail figure. He turned towards me and closed his eyes, "thank you Samantha" He mumbled into the pillow. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

------------Next Day----------------

I woke up with an arm around my waist and a Demon at the bottom of the bed with a raised eyebrow, Ciel's eyes fluttered open and blushed like crazy when he saw our position of my head on his chest and my arms around him also his arms wrapped around me. "I would kill you Sebastian but it's too early." I stated climbing out of the bed, "But then again?" I said and slapped his face. "You could of woken me up and not stare like a peverted old idiotic creature".

"Old?" He questioned with a chuckle, "So you don't deny being a Peverted Idiotic creature?" I laughed leaving the room. I walked into my room and fixed my oversized shirt and changed into some clean trousers, I picked up my book and sauntered down to the kitchen. Hopping up onto the counter I opened the book and began reading, "I know your there Sebastian" I said not taking my eyes away from the book till I finished the page i was reading. "What?" I asked irratated slamming the book closed,"Your in my way" Sebastian said huskily. I shrugged and jumped off the counter,"I'll leave you to it" I drawled reaching for my book but only to have it stolen away my a white gloved hand. I held out my hand "Sebastian can I have my book back?" , He lowered it to my height then pulled it away as I was about to grab hold of it. "Michaelis" I warned "Give me the book", His figure running out the door caused me to drop my hand and chase him out of the kichen into the garden where it was now Raining heavily. A animalistic hiss escpaed my throat as he taunted me,"now isn't that sweet your as angry a cat whos fur has gotten wet." He laughed, "Don't test me Crow, I will rip your head off if you don't remove your foul hands from my book" I hissed again after my statement. "Crow? are you that angry to call me cro--" I cut him off by lunging at him and hissing My hand tightly around his neck, "I am no longer in a gaming mood, Return the book and  i will spare your pitiful life" I threatend darkly aware that he was getting suspisious about why this was all over a book, I could feel my true form threatening to unleash itself. 

I felt a warm liquid rolling down my cheek a put a hand up to my eye and when I pulled it away it was crimson red, i wiped my hand on my shirt and grabbed the coller of Sebastian's shirt and Pushed him to the ground. "Samantha? are you crying?" Sebastian asked, I shook my head and wiped my 'tears' on the back of my leather gloved hand. "Give me the book" I pleaed putting my head on his chest, listening to the slow beat of his heart I missed being so close to him. "I need it" I whispered into his soaking shirt,. Oh shite there I go being weak again. 

His hands wrapped around me and closed the space between our lips, My breath hitched in my throat as I ran my fingers through his black hair. He deepend kiss and moved his hands to my lower waist tracing patterns with his tumb on my soaking skin. Suddenly my common sence kicked in and I pulled away, grabbing my book and standing up. "Don't think this changes anything I just needed my book" I said running inside leaving Sebastian lying dazed on the ground. 

I closed the door and slid down it not bothering to stop the tears falling from my eyes, I clutched the book to my chest and leaned my head against the door. "stupid fucking Crow demon" I growled letting my true form fall over me, Instead of silver hair it was now coal black and my Red eyes now brighter and more intense. My shirt and trousers had been replaced with a black corset laced with red ribbon,  black skirt and a long black trench coat open. Then insted of clumpy shoes I had knee high black leather boots laced up with red laces. I felt like a whore but I didn't care. I held up my hand and looked at my long black nails.  I raced over to the mirror and spun around I looked at the tail and ears that had appered. Trust me to be a cat when I just kissed a crazy cat loving Demon.

I exhaled deeply running my hand though my hair and walking out of my room with my guns strapped to my belt. I walked through the kichen and past the gazing eyes of the chef, I felt a pair of eyes burning into my skull so I turned around and looked into the lust filled eyes of Sebastian. "Hello Sebastian" I drawled lazily putting a hand on my hip, quickly checking that my ears and tail were not on desplay. "Is something wrong?". He bit his lip, I swear it was the cutest thing I had seen in all my years anyways but to the sexy demon biting his lip, "Samantha, You know better than to tempt me" He smircked.

Shite I should of stayed in my room and read my book in my form not gone out with a demon on the loose. Since demons can smell the presence of another demon and find them in their true forms let's just say last time I was in my true form infront of Claude it didn't end well for me in the slightest.


Next chapter please tell me what you think, I think it's quite choppy so I will get round to rewriting it soon.

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