(Chapter 2)

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That night after Andy had hung up from talking to Ronnie and Jake had arrived with Jinxx he heard a knock at his bedroom door, the guys were staying there because they were leaving in the morning and they thought it'd be easier that way. 

Andy opened the door. "Uh... Ashley.. Hi, why are you..." He glanced down to Ashley's crotch, swallowing quietly "Naked?" 

Ashley smirked stepping into the room closing the door behind him "Because.. You're going to be naked with me." 

Andy looked around clearing his throat, he frowned slightly. Of course he hadn't had sex in a long time but he wanted it with Ronnie.. He looked up and down Ashley's body thinking, their body types were similar... Maybe he could just pretend that he had Ronnie. 

He took a deep breath, glancing to his wedding band before crushing his lips against Ashley's, backing against the bed as Ashley's hands slithered under Andy's tight shirt, his lips moving swiftly on Andy's pulling back long enough to take the shirt off and toss it to the floor. 

"I've wanted this so long Andy..." Ashley panted softy unbuttoning Andy's jeans tugging them off. 

"Me too, Ro... Ashley..." Andy smiled weakly sitting back on the bed after Ashley managed to pull the younger mans boxers down. 

"Lay back." Ashley's voice demanded harshly. Andy nodded doing as he was told. 

Andy's lower half twitched with pleasure from the sudden sensation of Ashley's warm tongue dancing over and around his tip. His hand flew to Ashley's head, tangling his fingers into Ashley's hair. Andy turned his head to the side letting his mind wander to thoughts of Ronnie while Ashley worked his lips around Andy's hardening piece. 

Andy's fingers tightened into Ashley's hair, his back arched while his hips pushed to Ashley's mouth urging his lips further down on his shaft. Ashley's lips pushed to the younger mans base roughly. Andy's hips moved to and from Ashley's mouth, working with Ashley's lips. Andy tugged to the older mans hair gently. 

Andy finally reached his climax, releasing into the bassist mouth. "Fuck... Ronnie..." Andy whined out. 

"Ronnie..?" Ashley ask narrowing his eyes. "So you used me... To have some sort of fucking fantasy about Ronnie?" 

"Andy! I'm home!" Andy recognized the voice almost immediately. 

"Shit... Ashley, get out... Go... This shouldn't have happened..." Andy mumbled staring at the door. 

"Thanks Andy.. Thanks a lot..." Ashley said walking away from Andy meeting Ronnie at the door. 

"What the hell?" Ronnie snapped seeing Ashley, Ronnie pushed him aside, walking into the bedroom. "Andy..." Ronnie's eyes filled with tears seeing him lying on the bed. 

"R-Ronnie... It's not-..." Andy was cut off.

"Not what it looks like? Like you were fucking Ashley? Because that's what it looks like..." Ronnie said staring at Ashley.

"Ronnie... I didn't..." Andy stood up walking to his husband. "He just showed up like this... Then I-"

"Fucked him?" Ronnie walked closer to the man looking down a little to him. Andy sighed stepping between Ronnie and Ashley. 

"He said I was better." Ashley smirked at Ronnie who was now inches apart from his own face. Andy fought to keep his arm between the two men. 

"Shit.. Shit... Ashley, don't make things worse, I never said that, not once..." Andy grumbled quietly trying to push Ronnie back. 

Ronnie glared at Andy shoving him to the side, pushing Ashley up against a wall, raising an eyebrow. "I would hit you... But... I am going to be moderately nice and tell you to get the fuck out of my house." Ronnie moved back away from Ashley walking to Andy kissing him passionately, Ashley blinked a few times walking out of the bedroom. 

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