Chapter 3: Partying with a handsome Brit

(Zoe’s POV)

Remembering my promise, I decided to just have fun. I danced like there was no tomorrow, letting the beat of the music become my heart beat. I felt ecstatic joy fill me as I felt myself become one with the dancing throng on the floor. There were no worries here, no obligations or expectations. Here there was only the music and you.

After a while though, I felt like I needed a break and get out of the group of people dancing. Pulling Emily with me, I dragged her to the bar.

I was just about to order two sodas when I saw Emily shake her head slightly and smirk.

She took out two IDs from her bag where there was a picture of me on one of them and a photo of her on the other. Both cards proudly announced that we were legal.

“How did you get those?” I gasped.

“I had Dan make them for me before we broke up,” she replied, looking very proud of herself.

Dan was her ex-boyfriend. They had broken up last month, which I had been happy about. He had always got some “extra cash” from some unknown source. Apparently part of it came from forging IDs.

Going over to the bar, Emily ordered two drinks. After showing the fake IDs and paying, she came back with two large drinks.

I was tempted to turn mine down, but then I remembered that tonight I was supposed to just live my life. So when she offered me the drink, I thought YOLO and took a large sip.

The liquid burned down my throat, making my feel warm inside. It was actually quite good, and since I was thirsty I found myself drinking more of the drink.

My eyes scanned the room as we stood beside each other and chatted. Well, more like shouted to be heard, but we soon gave up after Emily mistook my “This is my favorite song!” for “Do you wear edible thongs?”

Glancing over at the seating section, I noticed that there was a particular guy who was staring right at me. Looking down, I tried to discreetly check who he was through my eyelashes.

The guy seemed to be around my age, and had tousled blond hair. He was leaning back in his chair comfortably, which was carved to resemble a throne.

He was quite broad-shouldered, and was well-muscled but not burly. He was very attractive. Actually, he might have been one of the hottest guys I had ever seen. Dressed in a waistcoat with a bow tie and black pants, he looked dashing. He had one leg crossed over the other one, and was sipping at his drink while looking at me with alive green eyes.

I looked away while blushing, but then reminded myself that tonight I wouldn't be embarrassed and think of the consequences. So I looked up at the handsome stranger again to find him still studying me.

When he saw me looking back at him the corner of his mouth rose slightly in a smile. He lifted his glass slight toward me, and I lifted my drink in turn before finishing it.

I felt someone shake my arm, and turned to see Emily trying to get my attention.

“Want to dance again?” she asked, also having finished her drink.

“Sure,” I said distractedly, looking over at the guy again. To my disappointment, I saw that he was gone.

We went back to the dance floor, and resumed our dancing. After only a few seconds of dancing however, I felt hands being placed on my waist gently from behind, feeling my movement as I danced.

Turning abruptly in surprise, my eyes ended up just a couple of inches away from a pair of speckled green ones.

“Hello there,” the hot stranger from across the room greeted me with a small smile. I was so shocked that for a few seconds I didn't even notice our close proximity and that his hands were still on my waist. When I did I quickly stepped back, looking at him with apprehensive eyes. 

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