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Harry: good morning

Harry: it should already be noon there

Harry: i have no work today I'm so bored

Harry: i have a pet cat named kitty

Harry: is that original?

Harry: well had

Harry: he ran away from me

Harry: ungrateful little piece of fur

Harry: but it was a fun week with him

Harry: are you dead?

Harry: holy shit

Harry: i waited too long

Harry: oh wait your probably at school

Harry: well I'm thinking of going to New York next break

Harry: but that's in two months

Harry: is college fun

Harry: I'm hungry but I don't want to get up

Harry: omg I want food but I really wanted to talk to you

Harry: just text me when schools over

Harry: remember when i used to call you mail-lisa

Harry: I'm so hilarious oml

Melissa: omg stfu i was using the bathroom

Harry: were you peeing or...you know...pooping

Melissa: I'm not telling you

Harry: yeah because you were taking a dump

Harry: lol did you wash your hands

Melissa: I didn't poop stfu

Harry: you take long to pee

Melissa: who said I was peeing ?!

Harry: haha I knew you were pooping

Melissa: omg fuck you

Harry: you already have  ;)

Melissa: bruh

Melissa: chiiiiillll

Melissa: 0-1,000,000,000,000 real quick

Melissa: great your pooping too

Harry: I was making cream of wheat

Harry: it smells good af

Melissa: I remember when you made me cream of wheat that time we wanted to "run away and get married"

Harry: oh yeah lol

Harry: married in highschool smh at that time I couldn't even tie my shoes

Melissa: it's okay we were all born special :)

Harry: I really really miss you

Melissa: me too if only you didn't move

Harry: if only you didn't dump me

Melissa: if only you didn't cheat on me

Harry: if only I didn't

Melissa: that's a pretty big IF pal


No chiiiiiillll, it gets better promise x

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