Chapter 1

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Dipper sat next to a river, reading journal number three. It was a beautiful summer afternoon, one in which you couldn't help but be outside, enjoying the weather. He leaned his back on a tree trunk and rubbed the soft moss that coated the ground. Everything was great. Dipper had just finished reading the entire journal for the sixth time this summer.

He closed the journal and sighed. This part of the woods hadn't been very active when it came to mystical creatures, so he decided it was safe to just close his eyes and relax. Before he knew it, he was drifting off into sleep

"Hey, Pine Tree!"

Dipper yelled in surprise and his eyes snapped open, taking in the grey world around him.

"Geez calm down kid!" Bill laughed.

Dipper quickly stood and shouted at the dream demon, "What do you want Bill?!"

"Ah, nothing really, just checking up on my favorite meat sack!" the triangle floated closer to Dipper.

He backed up as Bill continued to get closer. Suddenly, there was no ground. Dipper yelped as he plunged into the cold, grey river. He was surprised that he could actually get wet in the dreamscape. Bill laughed as Dipper jumped and fidgeted  in  the river yelling, "COLD COLD COLD COLD!"

Soon he looked up and growled at Bill. Without really thinking, he smacked his hands into the water and it splashed up. The water splashed into the demon and Bill looked annoyed.

"Really kid?"

Dipper just glared at him.

Bill shrugged. "I was gonna tell you that big things were coming and yadda, yadda, yadda. But I guess I could just leave."

Dipper's eyes widened. Big things were coming? "Wait! What do you mean-" It was to late. Bill vanished, a blinding light replacing him. Dipper jolted awake.

Startled, he jumped up and whipped his head around. In the process of standing up so fast, his foot caught on a tree root. Quite ironically, Dipper fell into the river just like he had in his dream.

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