Purple Accessories

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WARNING: Due to the extreme sexual content in this chapter, I advise to read at your own risk. This chapter was requested and I feel no guilt for how dirty it is. Enjoy!


As the older wolves began filing out of my room, I wondered where my mate had disappeared to. I had gotten over my stupid jealousy of her hanging out with Loren, since the mating is pretty much for life, but I felt like she didn't want to talk to me now and it was making me extremely tense and frustrated.

"Silver," a warm voice greeted and I turned my head to face my mother's beta, Alexandra.

"Alex," I greeted back, giving her a friendly hug.

"I've noticed you haven't really been yourself since Alana got here. Is everything okay?" She asked, her blue eyes concerned.

I sighed and explained the situation. "So I don't know what's going on with us anymore."

She pursed her lips. "Well, mating is for life. Hmm." Her face lit up. "Actually, stay here. I think I have the solution." She left and I nodded acknowledgements as the rest of them left. When she returned, she had a little white bag with her that read ADAM & EVE on the side of it. "I got this made for your mother before all of this happened, but I never got the chance to give it to her. It might be more use to you now." She handed me the bag, winked, and left, closing my door behind her.

Curious, I peeked inside the bag and stumbled backwards, dropping it to the floor. It rolled out of the bag towards me and I just stared at it. How---why---what the holy hell was I supposed to do with it?

Taking a deep breath, I picked up the purple dildo and examined it closely. It had balls just as royal purple as the erection itself but on the back of the balls, where the thighs should be, was a small rounded thing that pointed outward and kind of curved up. Around the base of the shaft, thick purple rope hung attached. Basically, my aunt-like figure had just given me a strap on to use on my girlfriend.

I picked up the bag again and looked inside to see if there was anything else. A pair of silver police edition handcuffs with a purple key. My face pinkened as I imagined Alana at my mercy, handcuffed to my bed. Or me handcuffed with her beautiful face between my legs. Wet heat spread between them at the thought and I had to suppress a moan.

Curiosity, and general horniness, made me strip down and try the dildo on. The purple curve out of the balls brushed against my clit as I tied the rope and I jerked in surprise. So that's what that's for. It was meant to rub me as I fucked her. Holy shit, that's ingenius! I thought with a dorky grin. I pulled my clothes on over the dildo and smiled at the tent it put in my pants before moving to the bed and setting the handcuffs up.

Oh, boy, is my girl in for a surprise.


When Silver finished handcuffing me and began nibbling on my neck, I thought I was finished being surprised. But then she pulled back, gave me a big smile, and pulled her pants off. A big purple thing fell out and I screamed, scrambling as far back as the headboard would allow the handcuffs. "What the hell?" I blurted, my eyes wide and focused on the big purple head of it.

"Hang on now, it's just an experiment. Something to try. I've seen a lot of lesbians wear stuff like this in dirty videos and Alexandra thought it would help us not be so distant." She explained, smiling like that would make it better.

I gave her a horrified look. "Alexandra?"

She frowned. "Yes, my aunt. Well, not by blood, but by how close she was to my mother and---wait, what are you doing?"

I was busily trying to yank my hands free with no luck so far. The worst I was doing was splintering the wood of her headboard. "And you want us to have this sexual experiment in the enemy's house? Are you insane? Or did you even think of the fact that I'm a virgin and that thing will cause me pain, not pleasure?"

She looked taken aback, like she hadn't thought of all that. "Please, Alana, just try it. If it hurts, I'll stop, but at least give it a chance."

I looked into her endless black eyes and felt the sigh that left me as my body went limp. "Okay. I'll try it for you. But if I don't like it, we're never doing it again." I said firmly.

Her face lit up and she nodded. "Promise. Never again."

With a wicked smile, she leaned forward and kissed me hard. My lips parted for her and my tongue hesitantly slipped into her mouth to tangle with hers. She groaned and palmed my breast through my dress. She pulled away and jerked the material up, her eyes heating as she looked at my breasts. She leaned down and took one into her mouth, making me arch my back and moan loudly. Her tongue flicked over it and she sucked hard, making my eyes roll back in my head as she turned the same attention to the other one.

I felt the heat between my thighs building and it's like she knew because she slipped her hand down there to find my sweet spot. I cried out and ground myself into her hand. She smiled and pulled away from my breasts, her eyes glowing and her canines extended. "Mine," she said gruffly before moving between my legs and slipping the head of the it against me. "Take it, baby. Take it for me."

Her words made me thrash my head as my body began to move on its own. Its like I was possessed as she pressed the tip in and I growled, flashing canines at her as I broke the head board and grabbed her hips, pulling her hard so that she penetrated fully. There was a moment of pain but that disappeared as she began to thrust. In moments, we were both moaning loudly and grinding our hips together.

"Kiss me," I panted roughly, my eyes locking with hers.

She leaned down and I tangled my hands in her hair, hardly aware of the fact that my wrists were bleeding and the handcuffs were in two pieces. Our lips met with crushing force as I felt myself coming. I released her lips to drop my head back, giving her my neck willingly.

Her teeth pierced my flesh just as my world exploded into a million pieces and I wondered if I'd ever come back down to earth.

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