Chapter 13 Whew

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Yesterday has been the most weirdest times of my life. Hopefully it'll be less weird when I go to school today.

I woke up today and put on my uniform. I did my hair of course teehee. I went downstairs to see where everyone went and I didn't see them. I went outside to check and they were just waiting in the car for me. Normally, they'll wait in the kitchen ;-;.

"Jayu! your seat is always going to be next to me!" Kai said. I was speechless! me? sitting next to Kai? and he's saying that i only sit next to him?! KIYAAAAHHHH!!!

"A-a-arasso" I said

*at school*

*sigh* I hope I see jungkook! ^^
*enters classroom*
"Wow everyone is here today! OMO!! Kookie!!!!" I yelled and everyone was staring at me in complete silence.

"ahhh Jayu~ I missed you a lot!" ^^ he said as he came up and hugged me. I was super happy that my assigned seat is next to him ^^. I hope we can be more than friends. So then, we started to chat for a bit then teacher came.

"Hello students. Please have a seat."
*********school is over********
Finally school is over! I can finally go home!!!
*arrives at home*

"Jayu!!! come play with me!!" Kai yelled from the living room. oh my gosh! why did he say it like that?! why is my mind so negative?! waeyo?!?!

"a-ah~ coming ahah~" I'm sweating like crazy! it's only me and him downstairs! everyone else went to their separate rooms to rest because of the exhausting day today at school.

"Jayu! are you coming?" Kai said.

"Oh yes! hahah" I sad shyly. (ok let me just look normal) i said talking in my head.

"hey, don't feel nervous ok? I know what you were thinking" Kai said then suddenly he walks towards me. ummm....what is he doing? how did he know? oh my gosh!><

"thinking about what?O.O" i said slowly backing away then suddenly he pinned me to the wall.

"thinking about what I'm going to do to you" he said with his deep husky voice whispering in my ear. I felt his hot breath and I started to shiver. he went back to my face and got closer and closer and our noses touched then i squinted my eyes ><

"hahahah Jayu im not going to do that to you hahaha XD" he went backed up and hugged me. then I was blushing like a tomato. it was so noticeable ><

"ah yes~ hahah of course not! pal hahah" i said as i punched his arm

"hahah cutie. stop blushing hahah it's very noticeable xD let's watch tv" he said as he grabbed my hand and we both sat down while my head was lying on Kai's shoulder.

OK!!!! that's the end of that chapter! that was a really close one to Jayu hahahah! XD sorry for the very late update! i was busy!!! it's glad to be back with you all! ❤️❤️

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