The only thing that is on my mind when I drive to Jennelle's house the next morning is that I'm going to prove her wrong. I don't care if she wanted space. I'm not going to give her space until she hears me out. She needs to know that I have no feelings whatsoever for Maria. She doesn't believe me, so I'm going to have to make her believe me. I don't know why but I just can't keep her off my mind. She's always popping up when I least expect it. She's like a drug, addicting and I keep coming back for more each time.

I pull up to her house and knock on the door abruptly before looking at the time on my watch. It's 10:58. I know she likes to sleep in but oh well, she better wake her ass up. I hear footsteps coming near the door and I hear Jennelle grumble "What the fuck." Before opening the door. She's wearing sweatpants with a t- shirt that peeks a little if her stomach. When I glance down at her feet, she's wearing fuzzy socks again. God she must love those, I'll have to buy her some eventually.

The wind blows slightly and Jennelle shivers quickly before giving me a sideways glance.

"Can I help you? It's 11 in the morning." She grumbles.

"Get dressed. I'm taking you out." I say curtly and she widens her eyes in shock.

"Wait wait, you can't just show up at my house and demand me to get dressed."

"Hurry up.. " I say impatiently and she stands in the doorway stubbornly.

"I'm not going anywhere." she says and I groan exasperated before moving towards her, picking her up and slinging her over my shoulder.

"Zayn! Put me down!" She begins to shout and punch my back but it really does no damage. I close the front door and make my way up the stairs carefully. She stopped shouting about a minute in and I can just hear her grumbling.

"I'm gonna fuck you up, just wait and see." she mumbles and I can't help but chuckle. We pass her parents room and her mom laughs at the sight of Jennelle before she waves at me.

"Morning Mrs. Garcia."

"Morning Zayn."

When I reach her room, I set her down on her bed and she crosses her arms and huffs.

"Get dressed." I tell her.

"Make me."

I shake my head and run my hand over my face. "Why are you being so difficult?"

"Because I can." she huffs and I begin rummaging through her drawers.

"Are you wearing a bra?" I ask her and she blushes lightly before shaking her head. I smirk and find the drawer where she keeps her bra's and underwear and toss her a black bra. She catches it with ease and turns around so she can put it on under her shirt. Fuck, I thought she was gonna take her shirt off. ugh. She turns back around and smirks at my visible hard on.

"Someone got excited." she laughs.

"Shutup." I groan. I walk into her closet and look through her jeans and toss her a random pair. I do the same with a long sleeve shirt and a pull over hoodie, that so happens to be mine. I let her borrow it like a month ago and she never gave it back.

"Turn around." she tells me and I chuckle and do what she says.

"You know I want my hoodie back." I mention.

"Well I'll think about it." She says as she gets up from her bed and puts her hair into a messy ponytail and then puts on deodorant and perfume.

She walks in her closet and pulls out her black and white Vans and slips them on with ease.

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