Wedding day

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Chris:We're gonna tell the guards be on a look out and you can take Tom with you everywhere you go. *puts the ring on your finger*

Yn:Fine. But I have a bad feeling

Chris:*gets in the shower*

Yn:Hurry up I need to get in

The next day I woke up and Chris was downstairs pouring Dani cereal and Cj was drinking a bottle laying on the couch. I went in the bathroom and washed my hair so it would look curly. Then I put on some shorts with a sparkly tee and put on my north face.



Yn:Come get dressed ok

We went and picked up my best friends,Tylar,Destiny,Eva,and Alani


Alani:Hey girl! Omg it seems like just yesterday you were a ordinary girl!

Tylar:Me to!

Yn:*laughs* Wassup with you and Wale

Dani:Hi guys!

Tylar&Alani:Awww... hey cutie boo

Yn:*laughs* Tylarrr?

Tylar:Ok we are going to a random dinner tonight and I think he wants to purpose to me! What yaw think


Destiny&Eva:*get in the car*

Destiny:Wassup my niggas


Yn:No. The question is Destiny Wassup with you and Princetonnn *starts driving*



Destiny:We're having a baby!

Everyone (except Destiny):*look at her stomach* WHAT!

Destiny:There's a being growing inside of me and it's me and Jacob Perez's baby

That was my best friend since birth no joke! And now DESTINY my bestie since fresh out the womb same birthday and everything is having a baby with JACOB PEREZ!



Aye! Ok I'm nervous of getting married today! We all got our tuxedos on and looking fresh. Prince just put his hair in a ponytail,Roc in the mirror saying how he look good and all this other shit!

Destiny:*walks in* CHOP CHOP people

Chris:Destiny! Your stomachs big!

Prince:*smacks his head* She's pregnant nigga!

Destiny:I should punch you upside yo head

Chris:Princeton you got Des pregnant

Destiny:NO! YOU DID... Stupido *starts cussing me out in Spanish*

Prince:*laughs* I taught her Spanish

Chris:What she say

Destiny:Wedding time guys!

Prince:*hugs her from behind*

Destiny:Hopefully my water don't break

Prince:*smiles* Hopefully cause I wanna see her and hopefully not cause it's a wedding *kisses Destiny*

Destiny:*kisses back* Love you *leaves*

Chris:You ain't cheating are you?

Prince:Never would I ever why?

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