twenty seven - harry

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twenty seven – harry

"I think Harry should not have as many hours on stage as the rest of us."

               Niall's words probably hit Harry harder than a brick, "Excuse me?" he tried to stand up from the seat he was sitting on, but Louis' hand stilled on his thigh, squeezing on the skin and keeping him in place. When he looked over at his lover, Louis had turned around and was looking at him with a pleading face, "Princess – "

             "Louis – "

             "And why's that, Niall?" Louis asked suddenly, keeping his hand on Harry's thigh. The younger boy stayed silent, admiring Louis' capability of sounding authoritative and bossy. "Also, do tell me if I'm wrong, but Liam's the one handling the whereabouts of this circus."

            "I am just making a proposition," Niall spoke, slamming his hand on the table in order to silence the rest of the performers who were present in Liam's office during their dinner. These deaths, at least for boss Liam Payne and now assistant Zayn – although rumor had it that Prince Zayn was truly a bit more than an assistant to Mr. Payne.

           "Niall – "

          "Mr. Payne – "

          "Jesus Christ," Louis muffled a chuckle in the palm of his hand.

         "I suggest we cut Harry's performance in half. It's clear that he creates a feeling in the audience that leads them into behaving weirdly and inappropriately, something certainly not wanted. And if that's not enough, he has been fucking our customers and getting extra money than the rest of us!"

          A collective gasp was heard around the table.

         "Easy enough to leave the rest of the story untold," Louis hissed. Timmy, as if instinctively, wrapped itself around his shoulders, resembling a scarf. And there he was, a powerful, almighty king with his queen right next to him squeezing his fingers lovingly, "Your suggestion – "

           "What? What are you even talking – "

          "Let me finish!" Louis shouted angrily, standing upright. His short figure was long gone, now that his voice was making up for his short height, "Your suggestion is out of question as far as I'm concerned. Harry never wished to be a sex object for anyone of these people."

          "He as sure as hell enjoyed shaking his bony ass for everyone to see!" one of the female dancers screeched from the end of the long, mahogany table.

            Harry suddenly felt naked. Several pairs of eyes were locked on him, his body, stripping him naked from the few clothes he was wearing and staring at him, but not with hunger or lust, like Louis gazed at him during the nights, but with hatred and jealousy. Their vulgar stares pierced through his skin, the words that he was sure were floating in their brains engraved in his soul, Bony, now, I wouldn't describe it bony. If it were bony most of your clients would start going to Eleanor to fulfill their sexual desires. What a shame you sliced her pretty little throat, isn't it? She can't even take your place anymore!

           "Quiet down!" Harry shouted, not sure himself if he was raising his voice in order to shut up the rest of the performers who were now loudly fighting or him, who tortured his mind and soul and never let him rest in peace from the moment he got away from his parents' house.

           "Harry don't try to – "

           "N-Niall's suggesting my performance to be cut in half Liam, I think I do have a say on this matter – "

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