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Preston's P.O.V.

"Shit" I said as she passed out, I saw the bandages on her wrist. She cut again,"MOM!" I yelled she came in a few seconds later.
"What happened, what's wrong with Lucy?" She ran in concerned
"I don't know she was coming back from the bathroom and almost passed out, then when I got her in here. She just passed out and shes bleeding pretty bad."
"This isn't good." She took a hold of her wrists, and unwrapped them. She gasped at what she saw."Preston she needs to go to a hospital"
"Okay, lets go!" I said urgently
"No you need to stay here with Alley,"
"Mom. I'm fine, let Preston go with you. I have my phone and I'll call if I need anything." We heard Alley's quiet voice
My mom sighed, "Fine, be safe. Go back to sleep okay sweet heart?"
"Ya mom I will" She left and went back to her room quickly
"Okay, Preston carry her to the car, quickly." I picked her up and carried her to the car, I put her in the back seat and climbed in, holding her, praying she would be okay. She started feeling colder and her breathing was ragged,"Mom we need to hurry"
"We're here, get her out" I got her out and carried her in to the ER
"Help!" My mom yelled the nurses saw us and immediately came to help.
"Get her to the rooms now!" The nurses started yelling orders when they saw us
"Girl, age looks 18 black hair, pale skin, needs stitching and blood pronto." there was so much going on, why did I let this happen I could've stopped her! I watched as the rolled her into another room, we weren't allowed to go in with her. So we had to wait to see if she's okay.
We were in the waiting room sitting in the chairs, "Honey did you know that she was doing this?" My mom put a hand on my arm gently
"I just found out earlier today, but I didn't know that she was this bad." I clenched my jaw
"Do you want to tell me why she is staying with us though?" She asked, she's trying to help
"Ya, I guess," I bit my lip and continued,"I was over at her house tutoring her. She really didn't want me to go but I thought it was just because she didn't want help. Her mom came home, she told me to go hide in her closet so I wasn't seen. And her mom came up and started screaming and beating her. I told her I wasn't going to let her stay there so that's why I brought her with me home."
"Preston you did the right thing, you really care about her don't you?" Her eyes were watering
I nodded,"Ya, but I feel like I could've protected her."
"You can't protect someone from themselves." She whispered hugging me
"I know but I could've helped her, I could've made sure she wasn't going to self-harm." my hands tightened into fists in anger
"It's going to be okay, now you know you can always learn from your mistakes." she gently rubbed my back
"Ya I guess..." We sat in silence for a while before a nurse came out
"She is asleep, but you may go and see her, but please don't stay too long."
"How long is going to be here?" my mom asked.
"We have to monitor suicidal patients for 48 hours. So she will be moved to a regular room." It was an accident I thought, but didn't say it.
"okay, thank you." The nurse led us to where her temporary room was. We walked into her room and over to her bed. She looked so peaceful.
"Do you know when she will be awake?" My mom asked the nurse.
"Oh sometime today, we aren't sure when though." The lady said and then she walked out.
After a while my mom spoke up,"Honey, you should get going home, I'll stay here with her, don't worry, but you have school."
I sighed "Ya I know" She handed me her keys and reluctantly got up and left heading for the car. I drove home and ran up to Alley's room, she was still up and the light was on. I ran over and hugged her.
"Can I sleep with you tonight?" She asked, I nodded and we went to my room and we got into the bed. She snuggled her head into my chest and fell asleep fairly quickly. I on the other hand couldn't get any sleep I kept thinking of Lucy, was she going to be okay?
I got maybe an hour tops, of sleep last night. I ended up just stay up at around 5:45. I got dressed and went downstairs, I made Alley a nice breakfast and she came down around 6:15 dressed in her Fault In Our Stars hoodie and a pair jeans and her blue vans.
"Morning, I made you some breakfast." I told her and she came and sat down.
"Morning, did you get any sleep last night, you look terrible." She said as soon as she saw me
I rolled my eyes, "thanks, means a lot, but no I didn't maybe an hour tops."
"Do you think you should go today?" she asked
"Ya, I promised mom, come on eat, I'm taking you today." she ate quickly then ran up to go brush her teeth she game down a few moments later. It was 7:30 so we decided to go.
"Ready?" I asked solemnly
"Ya, lets go." We got in and I drove her to school. When we got there she hopped out quickly to go meet some friends.
"Hey! Alley." I called hoping she would hear, she turned around and came back
"Come right out after school, we're gonna go see Lucy." Her face lit up at the sound of Lucy's name
"Okay! I will." She turned around and ran back to her friends, looking pretty happy. I smiled to myself and drove off and to my school. I parked the car and got out and walked to the school, when I got inside I was stopped and pulled aside by Emily and Marissa. I think that's their names.
"Where's Lucy?" Emily questioned
"Why isn't she here?" Marissa asked next
"Guys, I didn't do anything!" I held my hands up
"Then where is she. She never misses school!" Emily said
"Ya, I know calm down will you, and be quiet and I'll tell you what happened to her." I said grabbing their arms and pulling them to a more quiet place
"So you did you something!" Marissa yelled
"No! She did it to herself. She's in the hospital..." I paused and looked away from them, "She was talking to my sister Alley, and I saw when she came out and thanked her. I thought she went to her room, I went to go get a drink of water and Lucy was out in the hall trying to get back to her room when I came back upstairs. She almost fell but I caught her and when I got her back to her room she passed out, and now she's in the hospital."
They looked at me stunned, "S-so you're saying our best friend is in the hospital because...?"
"The doctors think she tried to kill herself." They each took sharp breaths in, "Guys, I know she self-harms... I saw all of the scars on her wrists, and I know about her mom. I was tutoring her-"
"Wait what? Her mom?" Emily asked confused
"You don't know? She beats her, how could you guys not know." I stared at them
"Because then her mom would be dead, like shes going to be in about 5 minutes." Marissa said she had anger written all over her face she turned and tried to bolt out but I stopped her.
"Calm down, you aren't killing anyone. Got it?" she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and nodded, "Me and my sister Alley are gonna go see her after school, do you guys want to come?"
They both nodded, Marissa was crying by now and school was about to start, so Emily took her to the bathroom to get cleaned up. The first bell rang and I walked to first period, I walked past Lucy's locker and saw the guys by it.
"Hey Preston!" Luke called me over. I slowly walked over to them
"Hey guys. What are you doing?" I asked trying to act a bit less like a zombie
"Waiting for Johnson." Nick told me without making eye contact, but looking around for her.
"Dude if she was here we would've seen her by now! She's not coming!" Chase argued with Nick, why is he like this?
"Nick, why do you even care if she's here? It's not like she's that important" Luke told him, obviously annoyed. I shot him a glare but he didn't say anything to me
Nick just stood there, he wouldn't even look at us. He just nodded his head angrily and left.
"What the hell is his deal?" Connor asked.
"I honestly have no idea, but we have to find out." Zach said, we were all interrupted by the bell and we went off to class.

Nick's P.O.V.

I walked away from the guys angrily, They would never understand, hell I don't even understand. I think I honestly really like her. But then why do I keep doing this to her? There literally has to be something wrong with me. She'll never forgive me, ever. I'm an idiot, what did she ever do to us. But I'm honestly worried, she always comes to school, even if she's sick as hell, she's at school. Something isn't adding up, and I'm going to find out. I may be an asshole but I'm not heartless
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