Chapter 8 (Phils p.o.v.)

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I woke up and rubbed my eyes as I looked beside me. I saw a note and I smiled. I picked it up and read it. "I have a surprise for you in the kitchen." Dan was at work and I knew it was a while until he came home. I looked up at the clock which showed 12:00pm. He would be home in 3 hours. I got up from the bed and smiled as I walked into the kitchen, my wings flapping around happily. I smiled wide as I saw Dan had made breakfast for me. I giggled and grabbed some food as I looked on the table. I saw a stuffed lion. I went over to the table and grabbed it smiling happily. I sat down and saw a another note. It read "I can see you smiling :)." I blushed and slowly ate as I was smiling to myself the whole time. I finished and I went to the sink to wash the dishes. I went into the living room as I saw another note on the TV screen. I giggled and grabbed it off the TV screen. "I miss you." I frowned as I hugged the note a d my lion. "I miss you too." I lifted my lion up and thought "I'm going to name you Dan!" I squealed happily as I kissed the lions ear. "I love you Dan." I said to the lion. Than something else came to mind. "I need to tell Dan I love him. I hope he feels the same way about me though." I tried staying positive about it but it was difficult. I turned the TV on. Some show was on about home makeovers. I smiled as I saw how happy the people were. I hugged my little Dan and didn't let him go. I watched TV until I saw Dans car in the driveway. I turned the TV off and sat on the couch waiting for Dan to come in. I heard the door open. "Phil! I'm home." I heard Dan say happily. I went up to him and smiled. He smiled back. I said "Want to sit in the living room with me?" I looked towards the living room to hide my blush. "Yeah. Sure?" He said as he followed me into the room. To hide how I was feeling I asked him a question. "How was work?" I sat down. He sat down next to me. "It was okay. Work is work." "I know the feeling." I said laughing. Dan than looked at me. It looked like he was in some kind of trance. I looked back and my heart was beating fast. I know he was thinking about something important. I didn't want to stop him from thinking what he was thinking about but I had to, to
make sure he was okay. He practically had heart eyes. "Thanks for all the nice things you did for me today." I said as Dan blinked getting out of his thoughts. "You're very welcome." He said as he smiled at me. I smiled back.

Aww! Dan is so sweet towards Phil! Sorry for the looooong wait for this chapter. It was a bit difficult to write than I thought it would be. ;n; I love you guys!! ^-^ thanks for being amazing!!

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