Imagine #1-Kai finds out your pregnant

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Your pov:

You were in the bathroom with tears streaming down your face as you held three positive pregnancy tests in your hand. You didn't know what to do because you and Kai weren't even dating. You just had a one night stand on the night of his sisters wedding. You decided to go to the person who knows most about pregnancy Jo..Kai's twin sister who was seven months pregnant. You took your car keys and headed over to the hospital.

You arrive and Jo see's you as you walk in.

"What's wrong y/n?" Jo asked, worried. She has always been protective of you.

"Can we go in a room, I don't want anyone to know." I said, sniffling.

"Have you been crying?" She asks you concerned.

"Yeah, well I took three pregnancy test and they all came back positive so I was wondering if it was true because i know you can get false results." You explained.

"Okay, I will do some blood work and an urine test on you to see if you're really pregnant, I'll put a rush on it." She says smiling.

Thank you, and please don't tell Elena, she would flip since I'm almost done with his semester." You said.

Jo came back with the equipment and got started.

"Just a small pinch." She says.

She knew you didn't like needles

She took your blood and sat the one tube of blood in the cart. She handed you a cup to pee in so you went into the bathroom and peed in the small cup and brought it out to her.

"Okay this should take no more than anhalf hour so be patient, may i ask who the father is." She asks.

Your face goes red." yourbrother." You mumbled.


"Your brother." You yelled out, embaraassed.

"Oh please, tell me y/n you didn't sleep with Kai." She says, disgusted.

"Yeah on the night of yours and Alarics wedding." You replied blushing.

"I see." She says stunned.

"Please don't say anything to him, I'm gonna tell him tonight if I am." You told her, as she nodded.

She left because she had other patients so you just waited and waited until your results were done, which took an hour.

"Okay Y/N we have your results and you are indeed pregnant." Jo told you.

You imediately started crying and Jo rubbed your back. "I know this wasn't planned but Kai has changed, I know he will be there for you." She says sweetly.

"I know, but were not even together it was just a one time thing and I still have one more year of college yo finish." You expresed, as tears ran down your face.

"Everything will be okay and you have help." She smiled, and you smiled back.

"Thanks for everything Jo." I said.

"No problem." She says and went back to her other patients.

I got home and my door was half open, which scared me.

"Hello?" You asked, cautiously.

No one answered. You went in furthur and saw Kai sitting on you couch eating pork rinds.

"Kai, what the hell, you scared me." You said, wanting to smack him.

"Sorry y/n, I just came over to see what you're up to." He says, crunching on his food.

"It's fine, I was going to have you come over anyway." You said.

"Really? want another piece of this." Kai joked, pointing to himself.

You rolled your eyes. But then you felt nervous.

"Are you okay?" He asked, actuallyy looking concerned.

"i'm fine." You lied.

" I see it written all over your face, you're not fine." Kai said, stepping closer to you.

You sighed. "Kai sit on the couch, I have something important to tell you." You say seriously.

"I already know." He says.

"How did you know?" You panicked.

"I'm a leader of the Gemini coven what do u think? I can sense things, so we're having a baby." He says, with emotion in his voice.

"Yes, I guess we are, are you happy?" You ask.

"We didn't plan this but I'll be there for you through it all, I always wanted a family." He confessed.

"What about us though?" You wondered out loud.

"I've always felt something towards you, so we can try this 'us' thing out and see where it goes." He replies.

"Sure, thank you." You expressed happily.

"I think we'll have twins, it runs in the family."

You got shocked and forgot about that part." But we wouldn't fine out until our first ultrasound." Kai told you, as you nodded.

Nine months later:

You were rushed to the hospital because you went into labor at the grocery store shopping and Kai was next to you holding your hand trying to soothe you from the pain/

"You are never touching me again." You snarled at him.

"Don't worry they all say that." The ambulance driver told Kai.

You were still in excruciating pain as they wheeled you into the hospital. Elena and Jo were on duty that night and they rushed over quickly.

"Elena I'm scared." You told her.

"It will be okay Y/n" She told you , rubbing your shoulder.

"Y/n you got to push the baby is starting to come out." Jo instructed.

You nodded and pushed with all your might.

"One more and you're baby will be here." She said.

You gave one last push and a piercing scream filled the room.

"Congrats, it's a boy." Jo said, smiling.

Kai cut the cord afterwards the nurses wiped him off and wrapped him in a blue blanket and hat and brings him over to you. You took him immediately.

"We been waiting for you're arrival." You cooed at him.

"Let me have him." Kai said, as you handed him over.

"Were a family." You said, as Kai smiled over at you.

Everyone wasn't happy about your pregnancy and who the father was but they got over it and they were happy for all of you.

You and Kai named the baby y/b/n Parker and you were both happy. (your babies name)

Hoped you all liked this...Im still trying to get into writing Kai's personality and everything he is a little oc in this one. Well vote, comment and subscribe.

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