Chapter 6

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The woman grabs my wrists and pins them behind my back. Then she puts handcuffs on me. A little excessive, in my opinion.

She says "you filthy excuse for a being."

I say "could you at least-"

She says "quiet!"

My mother says "Nova..."

The woman says "I've gotta take this to the President, right away."

Yeah, now I guess I have to explain the President. His name is Dexter. So Dexter is a Pyrokinetic. We have a President who controls fire. And he terrifies me. That's all I have to say, basically.

I look at my parents. I say "I'm so-"

The woman clamps a hand over my mouth and says "no talking! Impota don't deserve it."

My mother says "can we at least say goodbye to her?"

The woman sighs and says "you have one minute."

My father walks over to me and hugs me. He says "Nova, I'm so sorry this happened to you."

My mother says "I wish I could just give you my power, and I'd be burned instead."

Simone says "is Nova going away?"

I nod, and my mother says "can you take your hand off her mouth for one minute?"

The woman reluctantly drops her hand.

I say "I'm sorry Sim."

She hugs me, and I can hear her crying. I whisper "Sim, it's gonna be alright. You're gonna be okay."

She says "are you going to be burned at the stake?"

I nod and say "yes, I am. But don't worry about me."

She continues to cry.

My mother says "Nova, I'm so sorry this happened to you."

I say "nothing you can do about it. We can't control who is and isn't an Impota."

My father says "if you want us to pay for the testing-"

I say "no. I don't. I don't want to live with all my guilt." I am still in shock about Finn.

My father looks at me and my mother says "something happened with Finn and she feels really bad about it."

I look down at the ground.

The woman says "minute's up."

I hug my family and say "thank you. For everything."

My mother says "that's what you do for family."

Simone continues to cry.

I hug her and "Sim, don't cry. Stay strong. Please."

She wipes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

I say "be good for mom and dad."

She nods and says "I will. I promise."

The woman pulls on my handcuffs, obviously trying to get me to wrap it up.

I turn to her and say "I want to visit someone before we go."

She says "no."

I say "I'm sorry, I don't recall asking."

She says "I do recall telling you that Impota don't have the right."

I say "well I'm going."

She says "what could even be so important?"

I say "I've gotta talk to someone."

She says "nope. Right to the Government."

I sigh and say "I'll break out of these handcuffs."

She says "not possible."

I try to pull my wrists apart, but it doesn't work.

Please, I think. I need to talk to Finn.

She says "come on, we've got a car waiting."

I sigh and say "please?"

She says "no. Now come on you filthy excuse for a being."

My father says "don't talk to my daughter like that."

She laughs and says "I'm surprised you're still willing to call this... this thing your daughter. It's not natural."

My mother says "she is still a human being."

The woman says "if this is a human being then the world is flat." Without another word she drags me out of my home and throws me into a car. But not before I can see a figure standing on the sidewalk right next to my house.

A figure I knew very well.


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