Chapter 5

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As soon as I got inside, I ran to my room and started crying.

A minute later there was a knock on the door. My mother's voice says "Nova? What happened?"

I sigh and say "don't worry about it. There's nothing we can do about it now."

She says "open the door."

I sigh and open the door.

She walks in and shuts the door behind herself. She says "is this about the Government? Because I was talking with your father, and if you want we'll pay for the testing-"

I interrupt "no. I don't want to go through the testing. I'd have to live with all of this guilt."

She says "guilt? For what? Nova, what happened?"

I sigh and say "something with Finn."

She says "are you in a fight?"

I say "no, we're not in a fight."

She says "what is it?"

I sigh and say "he told me that he's in love with me. And that even though he knows that it's too late, he just wanted to make sure I knew."

She says "oh my god. What'd you say?"

I wipe my eyes and say "the only thing I could manage to say was I'm sorry."

She says "and... how do you feel about Finn?"

I sigh and say "I don't even know, I'm so confused right now."

She says "take some time, think about it. The Government agent will be here in about ten minutes."

I nod and say "I'll come out in a few minutes."

She nods and stands up. Before she leaves she says "maybe also try to see if you actually did get your powers."

I nod and start focusing on the different elements, trying to see if anything happens. I try it with every power, but nothing works.

Ten minutes later, there's a knock on my door. My father's voice says "Nova? The Government agent is here."

I get up and go out to the living room. There was a woman standing there with a clipboard.

The woman says "you are Nova, correct?"

I nod and say "yes."

She says "I'm going to ask you some questions, and then you'll demonstrate your power, if you have one. Okay?"

I nod and say "I don't. It never came."

She says "well I still need to ask you the questions. Has your hunger increased lately?"

I shake my head and say "decreased."

She writes something on the clipboard, then says "have you recently had more energy to do physical activities?"

I sigh and say "no."

She was asking me about all the signs of getting a power.

She says "and have any of your friend's powers shown up yet?"

I nod and say "my friend Finn got his a couple of months ago, my friend Blaire got hers last month, and my friend Ace got his last week."

She nods and says "and you say you don't have your power yet?"

I shake my head and say "it never came..."

Now I know the final step. They'll either let me free if I have powers, test me, or label me an Impota and kill me. Sometimes, if a person seems worthy enough, they'll test them for free.

The woman says "I need your parents to demonstrate their powers for me."

My father steps forward and flicks his wrist. All the lights go off.

Yeah, my dad and Blare are human light switches. Beautiful, isn't it?

He flicks his wrist again and the lights turn back on. Then he takes a step back.

The woman nods and says "a Photokinetic."

My father nods.

My mother steps forward and points to a plastic cup. She moves her hand to the right, and the cup goes flying. Then she puts it back where it was.

The woman nods again and says "a telekinetic."

My mother nods and stands beside my father.

The woman looks back at me, shakes her head, and says "such a waste."

Simone comes running out of her room and says "what's happening?"

The woman says "who's this?"

I say "sorry, that's my little sister." I turn to Simone and say "Sim, go back to your room. Now."

She says "why're you crying? Are you an Impota?"

The woman says "I'm afraid she is."

My parents gasp.

The woman looks at me again. She says "you disgust me. Come, you filthy Impota."

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