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Lucy's P.O.V.

No, h-he can NOT come to my place, I don't know if my moms home. No this is not good, I have to get out of this somehow.
"Pr-Preston, I really, don't feel to well, can we j-just do this a-another day..?" I tried asking him, he didn't buy it
"No, you heard her, you're failing and I can help, come on," He grabbed my wrist, I flinched but he didn't seem to notice, but his grip loosened, and he pulled me to where his car was parked.
"okay, so where do you live?" he asked a he turned the car on.
"I'll tell you where to go..." I muttered but I was praying that he would just change his mind, of course he didn't.
We got to my house and my mom wasn't there, oh thank goodness, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding
"You okay, you seem relieved about something." he said
"What? No, lets just go in." I said maybe if we went in and just got this over with it will go quicker.
"Okay, you sure?"
"Yea, I'm fine. Lets go." He gave a disbelieving but followed me anyway.
        We went upstairs to my room, and he started helping me with our current lesson we were learning. We worked on for what only seemed to be 10 minutes, but it was actually an hour, oh shit, my moms gonna be home in like 5 minutes or less, I gotta get him to leave
"Hey, Earth to Lucy??"
"huh? oh sorry"
"Whats wrong you looked at the time, and then you like zoned out." that's when the door opened and slammed closed, I froze, she is gonna come up here and find me with him. "Preston, please listen, take your stuff and go in there, please trust me" I pointed to my closet he looked at me baffled but took all of his stuff and got inside just as my mom came in the room. Man am I glad I didn't have him park in front of our house.
My mom slammed the door open without knocking, "What are you doing bitch! Why didn't you do your chores yet??" She slapped me across the face, "I-I-I'm sorry I-I-I needed to finish t-t-this work" I stuttered
"I don't care about your stupid ass school work, do it on your own time, not mine and do what I say before anyone else!" She yelled
"what did I even do" I said barely above a whisper, but she must've heard me because she came back and he me over the head with the empty beer bottle. "You little shit, you did everything, your father left because of you, you were a fucking mistake! No one loves you you're a fucking bitch, and I wonder sometimes why I haven't just killed you and said that it was suicide" She ended up beating me for about 15 minutes, telling me what a failure I was then when she got bored she just left. I crawled up to my bed and lifted my pillow, and pulled out my razor. I was about to slide the cold medal across my arm, tears still streaming down my face, when someone wrapped their arms around me, oh shit Preston is still here. Great and now he's seen my damn scars and he's seen what my mother is like why did he have to agree to tutoring me?
"Is she always like that" He asked me quietly
I nodded my head because I still couldn't bring myself for words.
"I'm getting you out of here."
"What? no y-you c-c-can't" I said, a sob escaping my lips
"Lucy, she is torturing you, I can't let her keep doing this to you. It's not okay, I care about you." He turned me to look him in the eyes
"It's nothing new, I get bullied no fucking cares about me and no you don't its just pity, I heard you with your friends, you agreed to help them beat me up, I'm not stupid Preston." I said pulling away from him.
"No, okay, I'm not, I just said that so they would get off of my case. I would never in a million years hurt you. Just let me help you."
"No, I'm fine, I can handle my self." I said wiping my eyes with my sleeve
"You're not staying here anymore, I can't stand to see you getting hurt!" He raised his voice I coward away, his eyes softened, "look Lucy, I'm sorry but I'm not letting you get hurt anymore. Okay?"
I sighed knowing I'm not going to win "okay, I'll come, let me pack"
"Yes, thank you so much Lucy" He wrapped me in another hug, why does he care about me so much? He barely knows me.
A few minutes later I finished packing, "Lets go, follow me and be quiet." I said to him.
"Okay," he nodded without questioning it, we went out my back window that I always kept a ladder at in case I wanted to sneak out. We both got down and ran to the car. We got in his car and drove silently to his house, hopefully it's better than my living situation.
        Once we got to his house, we both got out and went to the door, I started having second thoughts about this whole thing, "Preston, you don't have to do this, I can just go home..."
"You mean hell, I'm not letting you go back there. End of discussion." He opened the door and we took our shoes off and went into his kitchen, where his mom and I'm guessing little sister, were,"Hey mom, this is Lucy,"
"Oh hi, I'm Preston's mom, you can call me Alyssa, no ms. James stuff." She said and I reached my hand out for her to shake, but she hugged me instead.
"Oh, okay that sounds good, thanks." I gave her a small, but real smile,
"And this is my sister Alley"
"Hi I'm Alley! Wow, you're really pretty, I wish I was as pretty as you." She got quiet at the end.
"Oh darling you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, way prettier then me. Don't let anyone tell different, because they wrong, and they're jealous." I hugged her tightly.
"Thanks Lucy, but you're pretty too!!" She smiled at me, she was so sweet!
"Aw thanks" I smiled and hugged her one more time.
"Hey, mom Lucy needs to stay here for a while, is that okay?" I stood there nervously
"Sure honey, anything" She smiled at me sweetly
"Thanks, come on Lucy lets go get you unpacked." We walked out where my stuff was and he carried some of it up, me with the remaining stuff behind him,"This can be your room, my rooms right across the hall my moms is on the left of mine and Alley's is on the right of mine." he was bring so nice, why? There has to be some kind of catch to all of this
"Preston, I can't stay here." I felt my throat go dry as I spoke
"Why? You don't have anywhere else to go but back to that hell, you call home." I watched as his muscles tensed in anger
"I feel like I'll just be a burden, more then usual, and you don't need that." I told him honestly
"You would never be a burden, I don't care what you think" He shook his head, "and Alley already loves you, I don't think you'll be able to leave." He dryly laughed at the end.
I gave a small smile in return, "What did she mean, when she said she wished she was as pretty as me? Does she not think shes pretty at all?" I asked him.
He sat on the bed and sighed,"Well, she has gotten bullied at school, and they made her feel like shit, complete shit, they would call her names, try and turn all of her friends on her," he paused, taking a sharp breath in trying to keep it together. I put my arm around his shoulder to reassure him its okay, "and they ended up physically hurting her. Me and mom went in and told the principal what was happening, and the girl Stephanie I think that was her name, got suspended, it stopped after that, but she still has damage you know?"
"Ya I know exactly what you mean." I replied my voice hoarse,"But, hey, if you just tell her how pretty, smart, and cool she is, it will help her, it will take a bit but she can be that amazing girl that you once knew" I smiled at him.
"Ya I guess that could work, thanks for listening, I haven't even told Luke and we have known each other, and been best friends, since kindergarten." I took a sharp breath in and tensed when he mentioned Luke,"Hey, you okay?" he noticed
"Ya, just thought of something I'm fi-"
"Don't say you're fine, you use that word when you're really not 'fine' I have noticed."
"Well I am okay, really, I just thought of someone who I haven't seen in, like, forever and I don't know when I'll see her again" I lied. The thought was brought to the front of my mind as soon as I said it. My supposed little sister, he hugged me as I started crying.
"Sh, its okay," He slowly rocked back in forth in a calming matter. I have never cried this much in front of someone why is it changing now,"Do you want to talk about it?"
"Not today, I'm sorry, maybe another time." I said weakly
"It's okay, don't be sorry I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't want to do."
"Thanks," I hugged him tightly,"I think I'm gonna go to sleep early tonight,"
"Okay, sleep tight, we'll be here if you need anything."
"okay thanks again, for everything." I hugged him one more time and he left and went downstairs. I finally let my facade crumple, realizing just how weak I was. Thinking of little Grace and the picture I found about a month ago, she looks like shes about 6 or 7 years old. I took the picture out, and looked at how pretty she was, she looked nothing like me though, but I knew she was my sister by her eyes, her eyes were bright like mine. I remember the letter that was in with it. It was about how my dad was so much happier with his new wife. I could never get it out of my mind, my older sister though, she wrote something to me and said that she missed me. She attached a picture to the letter and told me her name was Aubrey. I just want my family back, I just want to be happy. I held that picture close to me for a little, before I decided to go get in some PJ's. I changed and climbed into bed and turned the light off. It was around 7:15 when I fell asleep into a deep sleep.

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